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Film, The Wedding Crashers
Your good buddy or co-pilot. A good friend who will always have your back and be down for any conjured scheme, especially if it includes netting some ass.

Ace Boon Coon, Homes, Partner, Roll Dog, Soul Brother, Watchdog
See also: Ace
, Ace Boon Coon, Best Man, Bruh, Bro, Broham, Broheim, Broski, Brother, Brother from another mother, Buddy, Champ, Chum, Cobber, Compadre, Compay, Crony, Homeboy, Holmes, Homey, Homes, Homie, Hoser, Pal, Partner, Partner in crime, Pimp, Player, Roll Dog, Son of a Gun, Soul Brother, Sport, Squire, Wardy, Watchdog, Whodi


Hindi, Urdu

Also spelled, Kinnar. They are considered a third-sex gender. Born a man, but identifies as a woman heart and soul. Just as the deity Shiva depicted in dual gender form, many believe they are just as mythical because they are super talented, artistic in dance, music and drama.

Baccha, Bacha bazi, Bacha bereesh, Bakla, Bissu, Aikane, Aravani, Aruvani, Calabai, Chhakka, Cross dresser, Eunuch, Fa'afafine, Hijra, Hegira, Hejira, Jagappa, Kathoey, Khwaja Saraa, Kinnar, Kinner, Kothi, Lady boy, Mahu, Mahu wahine, Mister woman, Muxe, Nirwaan, Oyama, Raerae, Sadhin, Shemale, Third gender, Tranny, Transgender, Trans woman, Transvestite, Waria, Whakawahine, Womanless wedding



1.) Ahh the air of eau de funke`. When your nickname is Pig Pen and you think it's super cute because you're a Peanuts fan. You stink so horribly the smell has morphed into stank.
2.) As in, "Put some stank on it" or "Stankonia." It represents that special seasoning you can't find anywhere. It's funky. It's herbalicious. It's the fuel that sends rockets soaring beyond our atmosphere. It personifies elevation. That stank.
3.) As in, stank bitch. Not a good look when you have a funky ass attitude and no one wants to be bothered. You are the Negative Nancy everyone makes an effort to avoid.

1.), ass, beau nasty, eau de funke, funky, musty, nasty ass, offensive, pig pen, rank, repugnant, rotten, shitty, smelly, stank, stinky, vile,
, Cheerbeater, Debbie Downer, Glum cunt, Moaning Martha, Moaning Murtle, Negative Nancy, Sourpuss, Wet blanket, Whiney Witney



Down To Fuck! or Fiesta depending if co-workers are present. ¡Olé!

Get your freak on, 69, alternative activities, at it, baby making, baking cookies, bang, banging, bareback, bash the beaver, beast with two backs, beat that cat with a dog, beat the pussy up, bed, bed pressing, boinking, bone, boning, break her back, break you off, breeding, bump and grind, bumping uglies, burn hole in the floor, butter the muffin, cabin stabbin’, churn butter, cleaning pipes, coition, coitus, consummate, copulation, coupling, deflower someone, devirginized, do the nasty, doing it, doing the do, doggy style, double dipping, exchange bodily fluids, feed the kitty, fig, fooling around, forking, fornication, fornicating, freak, fuck, fucking, get it on, get laid, get lucky, get in her guts, get physical, get rocks off, get your freak on, getting it, go half on a baby, grease the wheel, hall pass, hanky panky, have a nightcap, hide and go get it, hide the rainbow rope, hide the salami, hide the sausage, hippity dippity, hit it, hokey pokey, hook up, horizontal mambo, hose someone, hump, humping, humpty dumpty, intercourse, intimacy, jamming, jeeping, jumping bones, knocking boots, lay in the hay, lay pipe, lose innocence, lose virginity, love you long time, lovemaking, make animal noises, make sandwiches, making babies, making love, making out, making whoopee, mating, mattress mambo, missionary, necking, nooky, part the pink sea, planting seeds, play doctor, play tops and bottoms, play tummy sticks, pleasure someone, plow, plug, poke, poking, pop that cherry, pop that pussy, porking, procreating, put a pickle in her sandwich, quickie, relations, release the kraken, restart engine, ride the pony, ring my bell, rock her world, rock the casbah, roll in the hay, rub one out, rump splitting, screw, screwing, sex, sexing, shag, shagging, sharing heartbeats, schtoop, schtup, shtup, sleeping together, smash, smash it, sow wild oats, spank the cat, stick it to her, stretch leather, strip poke her, stuff the taco, the nasty, tickle my elmo, trick and treat, wet my whistle, whoopee



A person who talks way too much. This is the babbler who calls you. You peep who it is and instantly send them to VM, because you don't have that kind of time. A long winded, yapper.

Babbler, Babbling Cunt, Bessy, Chatterbox, Chatty Cathy, Chatty Kathy, Chatty Patty, Church Bell, Clashbag, Gabby, Gossip girl, Gossip monger, Hens, Klip, Magpie, Messy, Mouth almighty, long winded, Muffin walloper, Nosey Rosie, Poll Parrot, Spinny, Talkative, Windbag, Yapper, Yenta, Wren

Simmer down now


1999 SNL skit with Cheri Oteri, Garth Brooks, Molly Shannon, Tim Meadows, Ana Gasteyer and Chris Kattan
Coined by one of the most classic and iconic SNL skits of the 90s. When you are boiling water for some hot vanilla chai or green tea, because you are obviously too good for Lipton, and that kettle gets to boiling to a loud howling whistle, it's time to take the pot of and let it simmer down now.
When your best friend is yelling at the top of their lungs like a loud howling whistle, it's time to give them a drink and let them simmer down now.
When you have eaten a big dip of extra spicy habanero mixed with sriracha sauce mixed with ghost pepper flakes and your ass is boiling to a loud howling whistle, it's time to call on the porcelain gods and let that ass simmer down now.

breathe, breathe and stop, calm down, calm your tits, check yourself, check yourself before you wreck yourself, chill, chill out, chillax, compose yourself, cool off, find your chill, find your happy place, keep calm and carry on, relax, settledown, simmer down now, take a breather, take a chill pill, timeout

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