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Whiskey dick

When your dick has had too much to drink. When your dick is singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall, acappella style and it only has 4 bottles left. When the tip of your dick has self esteem issues and bury its face like an ostrich. When your ill na-na is like hello and his peen is working on its fourth nap. When his dick is at half staff... and half stiff. When a safe uber ride home couldn't sober that schlong.

Al dente, Bungler, Domine, Domini Do-Little, Dr. Do Little, ED, Erectile dysfunction, Half staff, Limp dick, Minute man, Never hard, Noodle dick, Spaghetti, Whiskey dick


Will Smith - Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. When the soul and spirit of a man has moved on to the afterlife.
2.) When you are beat, dog tired. Life has done a number on your soul.
3.) When something has amused you, weaken you or has taken you out of your natural loving element of life. When you can't, just can't. "I'm dead."

corpse, another one bites the dust, at peace, at final resting place, at the morgue, at the pearly gates, bereft of life, belly up, bit the dust, bought to the farm, burning in hell, buried, cadaverous, checked out, claimed by the reaper, dead, dead and gone, dead as a doornail, dead as a doornob, deader than dead, deceased, departed, decomposing, DOA, doing his 72 virgirns, done for, dust in the wind, extinct, fallen, fish food, fossilized, gone, gone bye bye, gone to meet maker, expired, history, inert, in heaven, in hell, in his next life, kaput, kicked the bucket, killed, lifeless, living with worms, murdered, no longer with us, no more, offed, passed away, passed on, not breathing, perished, pushing up daisies, reached final resting place, reached final destination, resident of the cemetary, rigor mortis, roadkill, singing tales from the crypt, singing with the angels, six feet under, slain, slaughtered, stiff, taking a dirt nap, underground, under the sod, with God, with Jesus, with his houris, with Lucifer, with the Devil, worm food
2.) beat
, beat the fuck up, exhausted, dog tired, tired
3.) I can't



Yosemite Sam
In this episode of how to swear like a prospector, we find our favorite rootinest-tootinest, Looney Tunes ginger giving us the what for. Frack is a euphemism for fuck. Nerd note: Frack was heavily used in the popular sci-fi series, Battlestar Galactica

ay dios mio, blast and damnation, bleeping, bloody hell, bruh, bugger, cheese and rice, chinga, cripes, consarn it, cor, cor blimey, curses, dadburn, dafuck, dafuq, dagnab, dagnabit, dagnabbit, dammit, damn, damn it all to hell, damn it to Hell, dang, dang it, darn, darn it, dayum, dear Lord, doggonit, drat, egad, excuse me, excuse you, fiddlesticks, for christ sake, for crying out loud, for fuck sake, for pete sake, frack, frackin, fuck, fuck me, fucker, fudge, fudge sticks, gad zooks, give me a break, God, God bless it, God dammit, good grief, good heavens, good lord, goodness, goodness gratious great balls of fire, great horny toads, great Scott, heavens to Betsy, hellfire, hell's fire, hell's bells, hold the phone, hold up, holy cow, holy crap, holy shit, hornswoggle, Jeez, Jeezus, Jesus, Jesus Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus take the wheel, Jiminy Cricket, jumping jehoshaphat, Kelly Clarkson, leave it out, mein gott im himmel, mist, motherfuck, motherfucker, rats, rats ass, OMFG, OMG, oh brother, oh for the love of God, oh my, Oh my god, oh shit, oh snap, oy vey, sard, say what now, sheesh, shit, shit and shinola, shoot, son of a bitch, son of a snitch, suffering succotash, sweet Mary mother of Joseph, sweet mother of God, wayment, what the cuff, what the deuce, what the devil, who said that, WTF, WTH, zoiks



2001 film, Ocean's 11
The sweet Yiddish way of describing crazy, idiotic behavior or bullshit.

bitchassery, bitchassness, bullshit, fresh hell, fuckery, horseshit, jive, madness, meshugaas, shit, witchery, wizardry


A dude with an extremely small penis. He fucks close to his prey like a bug. It's like watching back-alley manlet porn for hobbits. Not that we've seen back-alley manlet porn for hobbits in action.

Baggette, Bugfucker, Gherkin, Kibbles & Bits, Needle Dick, Pee wee, Petseleh, Pinky, Pinto, Shrimp, Teeny weeny, Urchin Dick , Weenie, Weenus, Al dente, Bungler, Domine, Domini Do-Little, Dr. Do Little, ED, Erectile dysfunction, Half staff, Limp dick, Minute man, Never hard, Noodle dick, Spaghetti, Whiskey dick

Pussy on the chain wax

Comedy Central's - Key & Peele
Coined by the genius improv show, Key & Peele. Who knows what it means?

Drop it like its hot, Set it off

Bust down

Thotiana by Blue Face via GIPHY

1.) According to rapper Blue Face, she is the essence of a thot or slut.
2.) Also means to have jewelry, watches, chains, etc. that is iced out. Bling status.

Able Grable, Academician, Amorosa, Apron with round heels, Athanasian wench, Back Seat Betty, Bad Court, Banbury, Barber's Chair, Beast, Biter, Bop, Bow-about, Box assort creams, bustdown, bust down, Busy body, Buttann, Buttock, Cab Mat, Callet, Callot, Carpenter's Dream, Charity girl, Cheap trick, Chicken head, Clair, Cleaver, Coozy, Cooze, Cottontop, Crack, Cyprian, Dant, Deer, Dickhound, Dildo, Drab, Easy Lover, Easy ride, Easy mort, Fad Cattle, Fish, Flirt, Flirt girl, Fun mouth bucket, Gad, Game woman, Garden tool, Gearbox, Gilt, Gipsy, Gong girl, Good Time Jane, Grubber, Hank, Harlot, Heaux, Highty Tighty, Highty Toity, Ho Bagel, Ho Cake, Ho-bitch, Ho, Hoe, Hogmanay, Hoochie, Hoochie mama, Hose Queen, Hosebag, Hot Back, Hot Beef, Hot Mutton, Hot pants, Hussy, Hyperdrive Whore, Jump off, Leather, Leggo Beast, Lemon Squeezy, Letching Piece, Loose Booty, Losmeisies, Lot Lizard, Mab, Minge, Moll, Nymphet, Nympho, Nymphomaniac, Pass around Patty, Pheasant, Pintle Facier, Pintle Ranger, Plover, Polecat, Project ho, Promiscuous Girl, Punchboard, Puttann, Quean, Rampallian, Ratchet, Rattler, Ready, Rig mutton, Rough , Round heel, Sack chaser, Sausage Jockey, Scrape, Scut, Sex on a Stick, Sex on Legs, Shagbag, Sharlila, Sharmutah, Shirigaru, Skank, Skankzilla, Skeetle, Skeeza, Sket, Sketell, Sko, Slag, Slapper, Slattern, Slippy Tit, Slommack, Sloot, Slut, Slute, Sossle, Sozzle, Spunk Bucket, Streepo, Streggay, Strumpet, Super freak, Superhead, Suspy, Tip Drill, Thot, Thotiana, T.H.O.T., Tire, Toffer, Toss Up, Town pump, Tramp, Trick, Trollop, Trull, Twofer, Wear Down, Wench, Whore, Yariman, Yellow Cab, Yo-yo Knickers,
, bust down, diamonds, frost, frosty, ice, iced out

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