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Video: Dionne Warrick & NiKki Taylor - Apprentice 2011
What a fastass grows up to be; a sassy woman with low morals. "I got your number, hussy!" -Dionne Warrick

Able Grable, Academician, Amorosa, Apron with round heels, Athanasian wench, Back Seat Betty, Bad Court, Banbury, Barber's Chair, Beast, Biter, Bop, Bow-about, Box assort creams, Busy body, Buttann, Buttock, Cab Mat, Callet, Callot, Carpenter's Dream, Charity girl, Cheap trick, Chicken head, Clair, Cleaver, Coozy, Cooze, Cottontop, Crack, Cyprian, Dant, Deer, Dickhound, Dildo, Drab, Easy Lover, Easy ride, Easy mort, Fad Cattle, Fish, Flirt, Flirt girl, Fun mouth bucket, Gad, Game woman, Garden tool, Gearbox, Gilt, Gipsy, Gong girl, Good Time Jane, Grubber, Hank, Harlot, Heaux, Highty Tighty, Highty Toity, Ho Bagel, Ho Cake, Ho-bitch, Ho, Hoe, Hogmanay, Hose Queen, Hosebag, Hot Back, Hot Beef, Hot Mutton, Hot pants, Hussy, Hyperdrive Whore, Jump off, Leather, Leggo Beast, Lemon Squeezy, Letching Piece, Loose Booty, Losmeisies, Lot Lizard, Mab, Minge, Moll, Nymphet, Nympho, Nymphomaniac, Pass around Patty, Pheasant, Pintle Facier, Pintle Ranger, Plover, Polecat, Project ho, Promiscuous Girl, Punchboard, Puttann, Quean, Rampallian, Ratchet, Rattler, Ready, Rig mutton, Rough , Round heel, Sack chaser, Sausage Jockey, Scrape, Scut, Sex on a Stick, Sex on Legs, Shagbag, Sharlila, Sharmutah, Shirigaru, Skank, Skankzilla, Skeetle, Skeeza, Sket, Sketell, Sko, Slag, Slapper, Slattern, Slippy Tit, Slommack, Sloot, Slut, Slute, Sossle, Sozzle, Spunk Bucket, Streepo, Streggay, Strumpet, Super freak, Superhead, Suspy, Tip Drill, Thot, T.H.O.T., Tire, Toffer, Toss Up, Town pump, Tramp, Trick, Trollop, Trull, Twofer, Wear Down, Wench, Whore, Yariman, Yellow Cab, Yo-yo Knickers


The opposite of concubine.  A guy in a harem of other manly sex objects that a powerful woman keeps for playing gin rummy, grape feeding, leaf fanning, massages, cuddling and serving sizzling steak with chimichurri sauce.

Back door man, Boudoir Bandicoot, Boy Toy, Candy Ass, Chippendale, Cicisbeo, C.O.D., College Street Solicitor, Concubone, Dog, Dolly Boy, Exotic dancer, Fancy Man, Franion, Fuck boy, Fuck buddy, Gentleman of the night, Gigolo, K.P., Kept Man, Lad model, Loverboy, Maintenance Man, Male escort, Man whore, Massuer, Milkman, Mr. Dial-a-fuck, New fangled back door man, Onna tarashi, Red-light ranger, Rent Boy, Stripper, Studhammer, Tramp, Weeping Willy



A person who talks way too much. This is the babbler who calls you. You peep who it is and instantly send them to VM, because you don't have that kind of time. A long winded, yapper.

Babbler, Babbling Cunt, Bessy, Chatterbox, Chatty Cathy, Chatty Kathy, Chatty Patty, Church Bell, Clashbag, Gabby, Gossip girl, Gossip monger, Hens, Klip, Magpie, Mouth almighty, long winded, Muffin walloper, Nosey Rosie, Poll Parrot, Spinny, Talkative, Windbag, Yapper, Yenta, Wren

Back door man


That dude climbing out the back window or sneaking out the back door to avoid getting his ass kicked because the husband came home early from his boring business trip to no-fun-having-EVER South Bend, IN. He smelled the fresh sage scent of loin lust in the air and decided to investigate. And there goes your ass trying to hustle out of there, but you'll be back cuz hubby had another trip next week.
2.) A cheating husband who commits adultery.
3.) A gay man who...well prefers back door loving.

Abraham Cove, Alphonse, Amoroso, Apron chaser, Ass Man, Assanova, Back door Man, Ball-clanker, Bar hustler, Beard Jammer, Beard Splitter, Belly bachelor, Belly Bumper, Bindle Man, Boudoir Bandicoot, Boy Toy, Candy Ass, Chippendale, Cicisbeo, Cock hound, Cock of the Game, Cocksman, C.O.D., College Street Solicitor, Concubone, Cum freak, Dog, Dolly Boy, Donnaiolo, Dr. Feelgood, Exotic dancer, Fancy Man, Franion, Fuck boy, Fuck buddy, Gentleman of the night, Gigolo, Good time boy, Hounddog, Inspector Chicken, Jelly-roll, Jumbler, Knocker, K.P., Kept Man, Lad, Lad model, Ladies' man, Lecher, Libertine, Lothario, Loverboy, King of Clubs, Maintenance Man, Male escort, Man whore, Massuer, Milkman, Mr. Dial-a-fuck, New fangled back door man, Onna tarashi, Playa playa from the Himalaya, Player, Quim Sticker, Rake, Rakehell, Red-light ranger, Rent Boy, Rooster, Rump Splitter, Saloon bar cowboy, Satyr, Skirt Chaser, Sporting boy, Stripper, Studhammer, Swordsman, Tomcat, Toy Boy, Tramp, Weeping Willy, Whorehound, Whoremonger, Womanizer



Pictured: music artist, Erykah Badu
Doula comes from the Greek to mean, "servant woman." She is the beautiful woman who is certified to deliver life. Fun fact: Erykah Badu is a licensed doula and has helped deliver more than 40 seedlings.

Accoucheuse, Birth attendant, Doula, Finger smith, Handywoman, Midwife, Nurse, Rabbit catcher, Governess, Mammy, Minder, Nanny, Nursemaid,
See also:
, Abigail, Bleecher, Bleacher, Bridget, Chambermaid, Cinder garbler, Comb-brush, Handmaid, Handmaiden, Hot warming pan, Lady's Maid, Maid, Maid servant, Maidservant, Millie maid, Odalik, Pillow puncher, Pisspot juggler, Scullery maid, Semolina, Slewer, Slummy


Those crazy impressionable seedlings that eventually evolve into crazy impressionable adults.

angel, ankle biter, bairn, bambino, brat, carajito, chavalo, child, children, chiquillo, chiquito, crotch fruit, crumb snatcher, cub, egg, kid, kiddo, little one, little shit, minor, mongrel, nestling, nina, nino, ninito, nipper, offspring, preschooler, progeny, pudge, rug rat, runt, seed, seedling, shaver, small fry, sport, sprout, squirt, suckling, toddler, tad, tadpole, tot, tyke, urchin, wee baby, youngin, youngster, youth
See also: FEMME Almah
, Angel puss, Ankle, Baby girl, Baby Legs, Bachi, Bambina, Bantam, Bas, Bear, Beazel, Betty, Biddy, Bleak, Bobby soxer, Bree, Brush, Bubble gummer, Bun, Bunch of charms, Burger, Chickadee, Chicklet, Chiquita, Colleen, Cutie Pie, Damosella, Demoiselle, Forbidden Fruit, Gazelle, Gimcrack, Girl, Girl next door, Gosling, Groovy Chick, Grouse, Grouse, Gear, Jammiest bit of jam, Jail bait, Key Winder, Kid, Klootchman tenas, Lardki, Lass, Meydele, Mini skirt, Missy, Mommellah, Nina, Pharoah, Pickaninny, Pickney, Poloney, Poppet, Prat, Pratt, Pullet, P.Y.T., San Quentin Quail, School girl, Shorty, Spring chicken, Teeny bopper, Tender Roni, Titter, Twinkie, Young Tender
See also: MALE B'y
, Bachur, Baggette, Bambino, Blood, Boy, Boychick, Buck, Button, Chap, Dennis the Menace, Diver, Giddy young welp, Half Pint, Juvenile, Kinchin Cove, Lad, Laddie, Lardka, Newbie, Pip squeak, Rapscallion, Rascal, Runt, School Boy, Slat, Slugger, Son, Sourdough, Sport, Stripling, Tadpole, Tateleh, Tike, Twerp, Urchin, Whippersnapper, Yeshiva Bucher, Youngblood, Youngin', Youngster



Down To Fuck! or Fiesta depending if co-workers are present. ¡Olé!

Get your freak on, 69, alternative activities, at it, baby making, baking cookies, bang, banging, bareback, bash the beaver, beast with two backs, beat that cat with a dog, beat the pussy up, bed, bed pressing, boinking, bone, boning, break her back, break you off, breeding, bump and grind, bumping uglies, burn hole in the floor, butter the muffin, cabin stabbin’, churn butter, cleaning pipes, coition, coitus, consummate, copulation, coupling, deflower someone, devirginized, do the nasty, doing it, doing the do, doggy style, double dipping, exchange bodily fluids, feed the kitty, fig, fooling around, forking, fornication, fornicating, freak, fuck, fucking, get it on, get laid, get lucky, get in her guts, get physical, get rocks off, get your freak on, getting it, go half on a baby, grease the wheel, hall pass, hanky panky, have a nightcap, hide and go get it, hide the rainbow rope, hide the salami, hide the sausage, hippity dippity, hit it, hokey pokey, hook up, horizontal mambo, hose someone, hump, humping, humpty dumpty, intercourse, intimacy, jamming, jeeping, jumping bones, knocking boots, lay in the hay, lay pipe, lose innocence, lose virginity, love you long time, lovemaking, make animal noises, make sandwiches, making babies, making love, making out, making whoopee, mating, mattress mambo, missionary, necking, nooky, part the pink sea, planting seeds, play doctor, play tops and bottoms, play tummy sticks, pleasure someone, plow, plug, poke, poking, pop that cherry, pop that pussy, porking, procreating, put a pickle in her sandwich, quickie, relations, release the kraken, restart engine, ride the pony, ring my bell, rock her world, rock the casbah, roll in the hay, rub one out, rump splitting, screw, screwing, sex, sexing, shag, shagging, sharing heartbeats, schtoop, schtup, shtup, sleeping together, smash, smash it, sow wild oats, spank the cat, stick it to her, stretch leather, strip poke her, stuff the taco, the nasty, tickle my elmo, trick and treat, wet my whistle, whoopee


Chris Hemsworth via GIPHY

A sexy person you want to cuddle up and nibble on all night long. A sexy Hotness that makes you want to lick your lips.

Basket of oranges
, Bootylicious, Brickhouse, Eatin’ stuff, Enchantress, Feek, Femme fatale, Fine Thing, Flavor, Flirt, Fox, Foxy lady, Frail eel, Furburger, Gash, Ginch, Hard Case, Hard Shot, Hot Thing, Hot Cup of Tea, Hot Mama, Hot Sex on a Platter, Hot Tamale, Hot Tottie, Hoult, Mata Hari, Minx, P.H.A.T., Phatty Girl, Pussycat, Sexy Sadie, Seductress, Siren, Snuggy, Stallion, Stiletto feminist, Stone fox, Table grade, Temptress, Thoroughbred, Totty, Twist, Vivrant thing, Vixen, Winner, Zaftig, Zoftig, #1 Stunner, Amazon, Around the way girl, Aurfael, B-girl, Babe, Babealicious, Babe-a-lonian, Badass, Bad mamma jamma, BAPS, Battleship, Beauty, Beauty Queen, Beef, Belt, Bene mort, Best built, Bit of crackling, Black stallion, Bombshell, Bonzarina, Box, Brahma, Brick house, Cake, Chancy, Charmer, Chicken dinner, Classis chassis, Chromaz, Cold blooded, Cookie, Corker, Cottontail, Criss-ting, Crumpet, Cutie, Cutie pie, Deadner, Dimbermort, Dime, Dime piece, Dish, Doll, Drop dead gorgeous, Eye candy, Feek, Firmota, Fit, Fitness, Flah, Flower, Fox, Foxy, Gauzer, Gawzer, Gobbleprick, Goddess, Good eating, Good sort, Hairy bit, Honies, Hot mama, Hot patootie, Hot stuff, Hotcha, Hottie, Hoult, Houri, Karena, Knock out, Lasher, Looker, Mamacita, Mami, Mazehette, Mercedes, Minx, Naturalista, Nifty woman, No beyond jammer, Penn'orth o' Treacle, Perfect 10, PHAT, Phatty girl, Pot of bliss, Puma, PYT, Real Raspberry Jam, Rose, Rum blower, Rum doxy, Rum dell, Ruquita de Aquella, Shana maidel, Sexy Sadie, Slim, Snuggy, Stallion, Stunner, Tender, Tender roni, Top totty, Totty, Vixen, Winner, Zaftig, Zoftig,
, Baldwin, Beau hunk, Beefaroni, Beefcake, Belvedere, Big dog of the Tanyard, Big man with brass collar, Big wig, Bohunk, Boman, Bona palome, Boss dog, Boss hog , Buf, Cat's meow, Clydesdale, D.I.L.F., Dreamboat, Gallant, Heartthrob, Homme fatal, Hunk, Knight in shining armor, Lady killer, Magic man, McDreamy, Mr. Goodbar, Pretty boy, Prince Charming, Rico Suave, Smoothy, Snack, Stud, Studmuffin, Swain, Tall drink of water, Tall, dark and handsome, White Knight, Alligator, Animal, Ape, Bear, Beef cake, Beefaroni, Bodyguard, Bouncer, Brolic, Built like a brick shit house, Bully back, Bulvan, Burly, Captain Grand, Cock diesel, Curly wolf, Dee Bo, Hulk, Lubber, Macho man, Mandingo, Meat head, Paul Bunyan, Studmuffin, Swinging, Swoll, Tiger, catty man, cool cutters, logger, lumbersexual, Paul Bunyan, river hog, river pig, river rat, shanty boy, timber cutter, woodcutter, woodhick

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