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To be enraptured in a complicated twist, relationship or fucked up situation.

69, alternative activities, at it, baby making, baking cookies, bang, banging, bareback, bash the beaver, beast with two backs, beat that cat with a dog, beat the pussy up, bed, bed pressing, boinking, bone, boning, break her back, break you off, breeding, bump and grind, bumping uglies, burn hole in the floor, butter the muffin, cabin stabbin’, churn butter, cleaning pipes, coition, coitus, consummate, copulation, coupling, deflower someone, devirginized, do the nasty, doing it, doing the do, doggy style, double dipping, entanglement, exchange bodily fluids, feed the kitty, fig, fooling around, forking, fornication, fornicating, freak, fuck, fucking, get it on, get laid, get lucky, get in her guts, get physical, get rocks off, get your freak on, getting it, go half on a baby, grease the wheel, hall pass, hanky panky, have a nightcap, hide and go get it, hide the rainbow rope, hide the salami, hide the sausage, hippity dippity, hit it, hokey pokey, hook up, horizontal mambo, hose someone, hump, humping, humpty dumpty, intercourse, intimacy, jamming, jeeping, jumping bones, knocking boots, lay in the hay, lay pipe, lose innocence, lose virginity, love you long time, lovemaking, make animal noises, make sandwiches, making babies, making love, making out, making whoopee, mating, mattress mambo, missionary, necking, nooky, part the pink sea, planting seeds, play doctor, play tops and bottoms, play tummy sticks, pleasure someone, plow, plug, poke, poking, pop that cherry, pop that pussy, porking, procreating, put a pickle in her sandwich, quickie, relations, release the kraken, restart engine, ride the pony, ring my bell, rock her world, rock the casbah, roll in the hay, rub one out, rump splitting, screw, screwing, sex, sexing, shag, shagging, sharing heartbeats, schtoop, schtup, shtup, sleeping together, smash, smash it, sow wild oats, spank the cat, stick it to her, stretch leather, strip poke her, stuff the taco, the nasty, tickle my elmo, trick and treat, wet my whistle, whoopee

Bacha bazi

Central Asia, Afghanistan

@Barat Ali Bator
Also referred to as, bacchá or bacha bereesh. A young teenage boy betwix the ages of twelve and sixteen years of age who perform sexy dances to erotic songs, dressed like little girls. The term means, boy play . A form of child abuse and sex slavery. Their masters are usually business men and warlords who would own 10 bacha bazis at a time. Some boys are stolen or lured from their families as young as 10 years of age. Some boys manage to run away and some are not so lucky.

Aikane, Aravani, Aruvani, Cross dresser, Eunuch, Fa'afafine, Hijra, Hegira, Hejira, Jagappa, Kathoey, Khwaja Saraa, Kothi, Lady boy, Mahu, Mahu wahine, Mister woman, Muxe, Nirwaan, Raerae, Sadhin, Shemale, Third gender, Tranny, Transgender, Transvestite, Waria, Whakawahine


Japanese (Demon hag)

鬼婆 Legend has it she is a monstrous, knife-wielding maniacal old crone. There are several versions of this tale, but the most intriguing is based on the 1964 movie where two crazies lure lost soldiers to their deaths in order to sell their armor for food. The stepmoster finds out her son was killed in battle. In order to keep her son's fiancée from leaving, she uses a mask to scare her into staying, but the mask has demonic powers.
2.) Mean old lady; battle ax.
3.) A demonic witch.

Bunny Boiler, Clinger, Dotty, Fatal Attraction, Headcase, Lorena Bobbitt, Mad Woman, Maenad, Psycho Hose Beast, Psycholina, Riot Girl, Stage Five Clinger, Sybil 2.) Battering ram, Battle Ax, Battle cruiser, Batty old coo, Beldame, Blind dragon, Cailliach, Carlin, Cat o’mountain, Crone, Deelo, Delo Diam, Deelo Diam, Delonammon, Dillo Namo, Dowager, Elderly Jam, Gimmer, Golden Girl, Grand dame, Gun Powder, Hag, Harpy, Hell hag, Josher, Old betty, Old maid, Oxygen thief, Prune Juice,
See also:
, Baba yaga, Bruja, Cheuksin, Crystal-gazer, Durry-nacker, Fortune Teller, Galdrakona, Gypsy, High Priestess, Mambo, Oiwa, Onibaba, Oracle, Priestess, Seer, Shaman, Vala, Vitkar, Volva, Voodoo Priestess, Voodoo Queen, Wise Woman, Witch, Mamaissii, Mami Chula, Mami Wata, Peeress, Sibyl, Spaewife, Soothsayer, Spákona, Yama Uba


A gangster's woman or arch dell. She’s down for her man do or die! This gun-slinging gal makes Thelma and Louise look like shuffleboard instructors.
2.) A sexual lover or mistress.

Androktones, Arch dell, Arch doxy, Canary bird, Chola, Deb, Down ass chick, Doxy, Ewe, Gangsta Bitch, Gangsta boo, Gangsta boogie, G.I. Jane, G'hal, Gunmoll, Hell-cat Maggie, Hot girl, Moll buzzer, Oiorpata, Pillion pussy, Pillionare, Ponytail, Quacktail, Ride or die bitch, Ride or die chick, Ruca, Shieldmaiden, Shouter, Sigewif, Soldaderas, Termagant, Todder, Trap Queen,

Phenomenal Woman

Shesaurus Phenomenal Woman
Created and inspired by author, Maya Angelou (Pictured). She's not built to suit a model’s fashion size, but if you observe the curve of her lips, the fire in her eyes, the sun of her smile and the grace of her style, you will see her inner mystery. She’s a woman, phenomenally!

Amazon, Androktones, Antianeirai, Claremont women, G.I. Jane, Heroine, Homa-zan, Jane Wayne, Knitting needles guerilla, Oiorpata, Phenomenal woman, Ride or die bitch, Ruca, She-ra, Shero, Shieldmaiden, Shouter, Sigewif, Soldaderas, Super Woman, Termagant, Todder, Valkyrie, Virago, Woman of honor, Wonder Woman

What fresh hell is this

What fresh hell is this? Popularized by the caustic wit of Dorothy Parker (1893-1967). The phrase originally appeared in a 1935 Vanity Fair article.

bitchassery, bitchassness, bullshit, chicanery, what fresh hell is this, fuckery, horseshit, jive, shit, witchery, wizardry, WTF

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