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Irish Mythology

Shesaurus Banshee
Original pic found here, Skyrock
A fairy or spirit with the gift of foreshadowing death. If you hear her endlessly wailing in the night, beware...be warned for death is near and has come to claim a life. "Woman of barrows" is the Irish meaning.

Aphrodite, Bakkhai, Bassarids, Daimones, Deity, Devi, Dionysiade, Dysmainai, Gorgon, Gythia, Klodones, Laphystiai, Leucippides, Maenads, Mawu, Medusa, Mermaid, Mimallones, Nemesis, Neraide, Nuliajuk, Nymph, Oshun, Pandora, Priestess, Prophetess, Satyr, Sea Maiden, Sedna, Semiramis, Shakti, Siren, Sybil, Thyiades, Venus, Yemaya

Gilly gaupus


A tall, awkward fellow.

Big Ben, Duke of limbs, Gentle giant, Jolly green giant, Lurch

Buffalo Soldier


Hesaurus Buffalo Sodier
Pictured: Buffalo Soldiers of the 25th Infantry Regiment in 1890, Buffalo Soldiers who participated in the Spanish–American War, Memorial to Medal of Honor recipient Corporal Clinton Greaves, 9th US Cavalry, at Fort Bayard, New Mexico
An African American man, of the 10th Calvary (aka Negro Calvary), who faught in the Civil War. Term used by the Native Americans to describe the Black man's wolly hair, because it appears to be like that of the buffalo's. Black soldiers of the U.S. army who fought Indians and policed the frontier in the years following the Civil War. The term was derived from the men's hair which the Indians thought resembled the fur of the buffalo. Not all of the recruits were former slaves; most were free Blacks of Northern parentage and many had served with distinction during the Civil War. Legendary icon, Bob Marley immortalized the calvary in the reggae song, Buffalo Soldiers.

Abram, Cavalry man, Cherry Ripe, Chicken Colonel, Choco, Chocko, Chocolate Soldier, Gravel Pounder, Grunt, Horseman, Infantry man, Jarhead, Kern, Leatherneck, Skirmisher, Yard bird, Young gun, Young turk


Faroe stamp 428 The Prophet.jpg
"Faroe stamp 428 The Prophet". Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons
A witch, shaman, priestess or woman who practices witchcraft. Wicce is an old Germanic term meaning ‘wise one.’ She cared for the town’s sick with herbs and prophesies. A "wand-bearer", a witch, seer, fortune-teller, wise woman, the Norse equivalent of the Shaman. Seidh practitioners were called Volva.

Fortune Teller, Galdrakona, High Priestess, Mambo, Priestess, Seer, Shaman, Vala, Vitkar, Voodoo Priestess, Voodoo Queen, Wise Woman, Witch, Mamaissii, Mami Chula, Mami Wata, Spákona

Shallow Hal

Based on the movie Shallow Hal
He cant seem to help himself.  This modelizer has a stern weakness for beautiful, modelesque women that turns him into a self loathing, narcissistic idiot. Ugly women need not apply.

Chauverer Cove, Chicken butcher, Chicken hawk, Count Lasher, Cowboy casanova, Gallivant, Inspector chicken, Homme fatal, M.C.P., Male Chauvanist, Male Chauvanist Pig, Modelizer, Mollycoddle, King of Clubs, Shallow Hal, Womanizer

Hot Girl

1.) A stunning vixen who makes heads turn.
2.) A dope slanger or an enforcer with her hand on the trigger like the character, Keisha of CMB in the film, ʺNew Jack City.ʺ Rockabye baby!

1.) #1 Stunner, Amazon, Around the way girl, Aurfael, B-girl, Babe, Babealicious, Babe-a-lonian, Bad mamma jamma, BAPS, Battleship, Beauty, Beauty Queen, Beef, Belt, Bene mort, Best built, Bit of crackling, Black stallion, Bombshell, Bonzarina, Box, Brahma, Brick house, Cake, Chancy, Charmer, Chicken dinner, Classis chassis, Chromaz, Cold blooded, Cookie, Corker, Cottontail, Criss-ting, Crumpet, Cutie, Cutie pie, Deadner, Dimbermort, Dime, Dime piece, Dish, Doll, Drop dead gorgeous, Eye candy, Feek, Firmota, Fit, Fitness, Flah, Flower, Fox, Foxy, Gauzer, Gawzer, Gobbleprick, Goddess, Good eating, Good sort, Hairy bit, Honies, Hot mama, Hot patootie, Hot stuff, Hotcha, Hottie, Hoult, Houri, Karena, Knock out, Lasher, Looker, Mamacita, Mami, Mazehette, Mercedes, Minx, Naturalista, Nifty woman, No beyond jammer, Penn'orth o' Treacle, Perfect 10, PHAT, Phatty girl, Pot of bliss, Puma, PYT, Real Raspberry Jam, Rose, Rum blower, Rum doxy, Rum dell, Ruquita de Aquella, Shana maidel, Sexy Sadie, Slim, Snuggy, Stallion, Stunner, Tender, Tender roni, Top totty, Totty, Vixen, Winner, Zaftig, Zoftig.
2.) Arch dell
, Arch doxy, Canary bird, Chola, Deb, Doxy, Ewe, Gangsta Bitch, Gangsta boo/ boogie, G'hal, Gunmoll, Hot girl, Ponytail, Quacktail, Ride or die bitch, Ruca, Shouter, Todder



Shesaurus Chatelaine
Correctly spelled: Châtelaine.
The mistress of a large castle or household. In other words, a rich ass bitch with a château.

Baroness, Dowager, Duchess, Inheritrix, Heiress, Lordess, Princess, Queen,


Pictured: Peppur Chambers courtesy of TJ Armour & Steven Minor - Rolling Out
A maverick who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm and a cultivation of life's pleasures. In a word, she is the shit! She lives life to the fullest. She takes on life's ruthless challenges like a pro. She is a trendsetter or icon.

Barn burner, Cosmo girl, Dandyess, Dandizette, Fashionista, It girl, Maverick, Proper bit of flock, Renaissance woman, Stylista, Trailblazer, Trendsetter


Shesaurus Khaleesi

According to the Dothraki tongue, she is the Queen and wife to a Khal. Based on GRRM's Khaleesi -Game of Thrones.

Ayaba, Chieftess, Cwene, Empress, Huanghou, Josei tenno, Malekeh, Malikah, Melike, Omo'ba, Rana, Rani, Quean, Queen, Wangbi, Yeowang

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