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Cover of Flying Lesbian (1963) by Del Britt. Illustration by Fred Fixler (CC)
Back in the day, women were charged with debauchery and went to prison for having uncontrollable, lusting desires. Today, it is considered a disability and you can sue your company for not allowing you to rub one off. Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD) or the Cum cum disease.
2.) Where in the land of tribalism (lesbianism) you're greeted with the conducive tongue betwixt the peace sign. Based on the Greek translation of rubbing or grinding for that desirable spark that leads to many happy endings.

Bean curd stirrer, Bean flicker, Blood spitter, Blow sister, Bush bitch, Carnivorous Canary, Carpet muncher, Catlapper, Celesbian, Chuff muncher, Clam bumper, Clam smacker, Cordless massager, Crack snacker, Crested hen, Crunch, Crunchies, Debutante, Donut grinder, Duff, Dyke, Dyke-o-saurus, Eatalotopuss, Fairy lady, Fanny nosher, Female dominator, Femme, Finger artist, Fish bandit, Flap cracker, Gap lapper, Gash guzzling gannet, Gaychick, Gayelle, G.B.F., Girl lover, G.O.F., Gonsel, Goose girl,

Bun woman

Pictured: Anita Bryant
A prude bible thumper who rallies against the LGBT community to shout blasphemous obscenities and curses them to the pits of hell. Let's just say she skip the part of the bible where God loves all his children.

Agapetae, Alleluia Lass, Anchoress, Ancress, Butterfaith, Canoness, Cloistress, Cloisteress, Dorcas, Hallelujah-lass, Happy Eliza, Holly Golightly, Holy Mary, Job's daughter, Proverb 31 woman, Mrs. Grundy, Noblewoman, Nun, Sister


Shesaurus Debutante/>(1) Jori JacKayla Fletcher curtsies at the 45th Cotillion in Augusta, GA. Photo by: Michael Holahan. (2) 2012 Owl Club debutantes.
A young woman making a debut into society by attending a debutante ball usually at the age of eighteen. French for “female beginner.”
2.) She's the newbie lesbian who just earned her class A, Lick-her license. Roll out the lavender carpet ladies!



Middle English

Via Hulu series Harlots
1.) A prostitute or Covent garden nun who sells pleasure and fantasy to men, preferably those with a title (Duke, Earl, etc.) or very deep pockets.
2.) A sexy woman or tart who is too hot to trot. She knows her power and uses it well.

44, Abandons, Academician, Afkop, Alley bat, Ammunition Wife, Anthanasian Wench, Ardatu, B-Girl, Bag swinger, Bang Tail, Bank Side Lady, Bar-hog, Barrack Hack, Bat, Battery Girl, Bawd, Bed Faggot, Bed Presser, Belfa, Belly Piece, Belt, Belter, Bird of the Game, Black Maria, Blasted Brimstone, Blow, Blue foot, Blue gown, Bobtail, Bona Roba, Brass, Brasser, Brown Bessie, Brum, Burlap Sister, Calico Queen, Callet, Camp follower, Carhop, Champagne Trick, Changa, Chauvering Moll, Chip , Chippie, City Road African, Comfort girl, Comfort woman, Commodity, Cookie, Covent Garden Nun, Crow, Cyprian, Daggle-tail, Dasher, Dead Meat, Dell, Dicky Bird, Dime Store Hooker, Doe, Drab, Dress for sale, Drury lane vestal, Edie, Enthusiastic amateur, Evening Star, Fallen Woman, Fancy Girl, Fandango Girl, Fishmongers's Daughter, Flagger, Flash mollisher, Flatbacker, Fleet street dove, Flesh peddler, Fling Dust, Fling Stink, Flirtina Copall, Forty-four (44), Fulham virgin, Game Woman, Gamester, Garrison Hack, Gay Lady, Gentoo, Jentoe, Girl about Town, Gixie, Glueneck, Gluepot, Goatmilker, Gong Girl, Gook, Grue , Grunter, Gypsies, Hackney, Hackster, Hat, Haymarket Ware, Hedge-creeper, Hen of the Game, Highway Hooker, Hilding, Hip Peddler, Hiver, Ho, Hoe, Hobby Horse, Honky tonk woman, Hooker, Hoowah, Hop-picker, Hopping Wife, Horizontal Worker, Horse, Hurry Whore, Hustler, Jack-whore, Jack's Delight, Jagabat, Jamette, Jitney Girl, Joy Girl, Jude, Kat, Kate, Kedeshah, Kelsey, Kewpie, Kid Leather, Kiddleywink, Kite, Laced Mutton, Lady Laker, Lady of the Lake, Land Carrack, Lechery Layer, Leg Worker, Light O' Love, Lola the street ho, Long Island Lolita, Lot Lizard, Maid Marian, Market Dame, Mauks, Mawkes, Maux, Mermaid, Merry-arsed Christian, Moonlighter, Ms. Laycock, Naai, Naughty Dickey Bird, Notch Broad, Needle Woman, Nestlecock, Nestcock, Night Crawler, Night Poacher, Night Shade, Nighthawk, Nightingale, Noctress, Nocturne, Noffka, Nafka, Notch Woman, Nymph of Darkness, Nymph of the Pave, Nymphs du Prairie, Owl, Painted Cat, Painted woman, Palliasse, Panel, Paphian, Patridge, Pavement Princess, Phrynne, Piccadilly Daisy, Picker-up, Pickethatch Vestal, Pink panties, Pintle Merchant, Pintle Monger, Piper’s wife, Polecat, Presenterer, Pretty Woman, Pro, Prost, Prostitute, Quaedam, Quail, Quean, Quicumque vult, Quicunque vult, Quiet Mouse, Rabbit Pie, Ragtime Girl, Rantipole, Rantipoll, Raw Meat, Receiver General, Rory, Rory O' Moore, Rump/ Rumper, Scab, scarlet woman, Scate, Scolopendra, Seven Dials Raker, Shake, Slommack, Sporting lady, St. John's Wood Vestal, Stale, Streggay, Subject, Tart, Tenderloin madam, Tom, Trick, Trull, Whetstone parek deer, Woman of ill fame, Working woman, Zonah
2.) Amorosa
, Box of Assorted Creams, Busy Body, Dant, Gazer, Heartbreaker, Lemon Squeezy, Promiscuous Girl, Seductress, Sex Shooter


Scandinavian Mythology

Based on The Ride of the Valkyrs (1909) by John Charles Dollman and not the Nazi film that Scientology dude in heels played in. She is the "chooser of the slain". In Valhalla, she is the warrior who gets to chose who lives or dies much like the female version of the Grim Reaper or Angel of death. Some real gangsta Asgardian shit! Sources: Marvel Univ. , Wiki

Amazon, Androktones, Antianeirai, Claremont women, G.I. Jane, Heroine, Homa-zan, Jane Wayne, Knitting needles guerilla, Oiorpata, Phenomenal woman, Ride or die bitch, Ruca, She-ra, Shero, Shieldmaiden, Shouter, Sigewif, Soldaderas, Super Woman, Termagant, Todder, Valkyrie, Virago, Woman of honor, Wonder Woman

Jack sprat

That skinny guy with a love for beautiful, voluptuous women.
2.) He is of the midget or manlet persuasion. For the PCs of the world, he is of the dwarf persuasion. "Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean." Adorable nursery rhyme, but estranged from this particular entry.

Hobbit, Manlet, Pee Wee, Shorty the Pimp, Tom Thumb, Troll, Trauco

Saloon bar cowboy

May I have your attention please! No special beer goggles required for this whorehound. He pretty much will take whatever is available or just peeled its drunk ass off the floor. 

Admiral of the Narrow Seas, Beerskin, Beerslilnger, Bevvy omee , Booze artist, Borracho, Bottle boy, Brew hound, Brewer's horse, Brother where are you, Common sewer, Drunk Uncle, Druncle, Drunkard, Hiphound, Hobo, Jugger, Juice Head, Lapper, Loady, Lushington, Mt. Lushmore, Ongetrunken, Otis, Plonko, Shuffler, Souse, Sozzler, Spooney, Squiff, Stew, Tank, Tanker, Tote, Wino



(koo-noy-chee). A female ninja specially trained in psychology. They were to seduce the enemy for a clever assassination! Some would disguise themselves as Geisha to deceive their unsuspecting target. There are two types of kunoichi: "Shimma kunoichi" is a member of the ninja family, trained for her specific role. She typically worked under a kantokusha, or a commander, who usually tried to give her the impression she was his only kunoichi. Due to their highly emotionally sensitive natures, the kunoichi needed to be carefully handled so as not to fall in love with the target or lose sight of the goals.
"Karima kunoichi" were usually hired only for a specific job, acting as a spy within the enemy's walls. These women, usually maids, mistresses, or entertainers with access to the house may be purchased for the right price.

Black Widow, B.B.D., Dominatrix, Femme Fatale, Jade, Oiorpata, Qarinah, Poison Ivy, Seductress, Neraides, Succubus, Road Runner, Siren

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