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Drunk Uncle

That crazy motherfucker you hide from because you know he's going to dust off the family's closeted, dirty secrets and DJs each embarrassing record of incest in front of your newly acquired significant other. After his long night of savagery he naps off the thunderbird with his trifling muddy shoes on your new sofa. This PSA is brought you by New Zealand's finest "Druncle" anti drinking ad.

Admiral of the Narrow Seas, Beerskin, Beerslilnger, Bevvy omee , Booze artist, Borracho, Bottle boy, Brew hound, Brewer's horse, Brother where are you, Common sewer, Drunk Uncle, Druncle, Drunkard, Hiphound, Hobo, Jugger, Juice Head, Lapper, Loady, Lushington, Mt. Lushmore, Ongetrunken, Otis, Plonko, Saloon bar cowboy, Shuffler, Souse, Sozzler, Spooney, Squiff, Stew, Tank, Tanker, Tote, Wino

Hottentot Venus

19th Century, Dutch - Derog.

Sarah "Saartjie" Baartman was the coming freak attraction for the Egyptian Hall of Piccadilly Circus because she had the roundest, shapeliest onion of an ass South Africa has ever seen. Cheeks that sit high as Mt. Everest and provided cooling shade for anyone nestled under them. Saartjie's super sized butt was such a wonder, it was displayed at the 'Museum of Man' in Paris until her remains were finally laid to rest. The moniker, "Hottentot" was offensively donated by the Dutch based on sounds the Khoikhoi people make.

A.B.C., Air Condition Booty, Apple bottom, Badunkadunk, BBW, Big Booty Bitch, Bonita Apple Bum, Bootylicious, Double R, End-table ass, Hellaback, Ho Cake, Judy with a booty, Cutie with a booty, Ms. Fat Booty, Ms. New Booty, Phatty Girl, Rump-o-smooth-skin, Steatopygian Venus


Can we play with your panty line? The unmentionables that keeps the secretions dripping your no-no parts from ruining your good clothes. Granny tip #26: Always wear a fresh pair of drawers in case you go to the hospital. You don't want the doctor to think your family didn't raise you right!

bikinis, bloomers, BVDs, boxers, braies, briefs, breechcloth, buruma, cache-sexe, chausses, chonies, codpiece, drawers, fruit of the looms, fundoshi, g-string, girdle, granny panties, intimates, jock strap, jockeys, jockey shorts, kacchera, knickers, knickerbockers, koteka, loincloth, long johns, malo, pair, pantalettes, pantaloons, panties, petticoat, reg grundys, reginalds, shendoh, shorts, skivvies, smalls, spanks, sports briefs, subligaculum, tapa-sexo, thong, tighty whities, trunks, undercarriage, undergarments, underoos, underpant, underwear, union suit, unmentionables, y-fronts



Shesaurus Bitch
Memoirs of an Elementary Student
A female with a strong opinion of herself. She can be perceived as mannish and abrasive, representing strength, independence and will. Take this woman very seriously for she is a female dog and she will bite your head off!
2.) Your homegirl. The girlfriend or best friend who’s been down with you since day one. Your partner in crime. “That’s my bitch!”
3.) This woman is nasty, manipulating, calculating, back-stabbing and conniving. She will eat her own young with no remorse.
4.) A snobbish prude with her nose tooted in the air as if her shit is aromatic. She knows she's better than you without putting on heirs.

Backbiter, Bach, Ball buster, Ball Cutter, Ball Terrier, Ball wrecker, Barge, Battering ram, Beotch, Biatch, Biotch, Bisom, Bitch, Blue hen's chicken, Brach, Callet, Callot, Calumniator, Carper, Chaleria, Cotqueen, Crab hag, Crag, Cruella, Cunt, Cuntasaurus rex, Cuntipede, Deep freezer, Devil's daughter, Dog-hearted Daughter, Dragon, Dragon lady, Evil Lynn, Fly-up-the-creek, Gangsta bitch, Gangsta boo, Gangsta boogie, Hag, Harpy, Harridan, Heeler, Heifa, Heifer, Hellcat, Hellion, Hoitch, Hyper mega bitch, Ice maiden, Ice Queen, Jade, Klippeh, Knife, Madcap, Makhashaifeh, Mare, Miss Fitch, Miss Laycock, Muckracker, Nag, Old chook, Quean, Rantipole, Rantipoll, Ride or die bitch, Ronyon, Ruck & Row, Sally soulsnatcher, Sally soulsmasher, Sapphire, She Devil, Sheathen, Shrew, Shoreditch Fury, Stammel, Stank ho, Strap, T.H.O.T., Termagant, Thunder cunt, Virago, Vituperator, Wench, Witch, Xanthippe, Yenta, Yuchna,

Lesbian separatist


Shesaurus Lesbian separatist

She prefers her beans completely separated from the weenies. If you gave her a bowl of fresh pork n' beans, there better not be a nub of any phallic origin in sight!


Hot Girl

1.) A stunning vixen who makes heads turn.
2.) A dope slanger or an enforcer with her hand on the trigger like the character, Keisha of CMB in the film, ʺNew Jack City.ʺ Rockabye baby!

2.) Arch dell, Arch doxy, Canary bird, Chola, Deb, Doxy, Ewe, Gangsta Bitch, Gangsta boo/ boogie, G'hal, Gunmoll, Hot girl, Ponytail, Quacktail, Ride or die bitch, Ruca, Shouter, Todder


"Why would you call a lipstick like that?" "Because 'dirty whore' was taken?" Taken from Gilmore Girls S02E16
A street hustler. She uses her body to entice men for money.
2.) A female or hussy of easy virtue and promiscuity.

Callet, Callot, Carpenter's Dream, Charity girl, Cheap trick, Chicken head, Clair, Cleaver, Coozy, Cooze, Cottontop, Crack, Cyprian, Dant, Deer, Dickhound, Dildo, Drab, Easy Lover, Easy ride, Easy mort, Fad Cattle, Fish, Flirt, Flirt girl, Fun mouth bucket, Gad, Game woman, Garden tool, Gearbox, Gilt, Gipsy, Gong girl, Good Time Jane, Grubber, Hank, Harlot, Heaux, Highty Tighty, Highty Toity, Ho Bagel, Ho Cake, Ho-bitch, Ho, Hoe, Hogmanay, Hose Queen, Hosebag, Hot Back, Hot Beef, Hot Mutton, Hot

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