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What is Activessle Drag All About?

Activessle is a special type of drag, one completely of its own caliber, that has been around for more than 35 years.  This article is a continuation of my series: “The 11 Most Common Drag Queen Styles

activessle drag queen styleThink Sister Roma, Sister Indica and Sister Dharma Gettin. Activessle drag queens use the art of drag and religious imagery to call attention to sexual intolerance, challenge issues of gender and equality, promote human rights and so much more.

Take a moment to flash back to San Francisco in 1979 when a small group of gay men began wearing the attire of nuns, using camp to draw attention to social conflicts and problems in the well-known Castro district. This shocking style of drag gave way to a new era of LGBT activism.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, as they became known, perform a quasi-spiritual function and act as social counselors. Their mission: to promulgate universal joy and expiate stigmatic guilt. Think of activessle drag as the meeting place of flamboyance, community service and glitter.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have continued their hard work over the years, spreading love and awareness to and for all walks of life. This unique style of drag has expanded across the globe and the Sisters now have chapters in nine different countries, including the United States, Australia, Columbia, France, Germany, Scotland Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Uraguay.

I personally have been blessed to work with Nashville’s local chapter, the Music City Sisters, for the past three years and have experienced their hard work first hand. With so much love and creativity this is one drag style that I expect to be around for years to come.

The Music City Sisters - Nashville, TN

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