Is the New Urban Thesaurus?

What if you walked into a classroom and all the redheads were made to sit, facing the classroom from the outside schoolyard.  They can’t participate.  They’re still considered students, but banned from school pictures because the school principal has something against gingerly affections.

That’s how the 4.5 million words we’ve cataloged feel.  They were stamped to “TOO VULGAR” and sent to a prison for unruly, offensive idioms!  It’s like telling a word, you are not good enough.  You’re not worthy to be written in the history books.  Shesaurus does not discriminate against any word no matter how absurd or derogatory.  Words are a part of history.  They tell stories.  Initially, Noah Webster’s Dictionary was poorly received, cited as being too vulgar.  Can you imagine the dictionary being too vulgar?!

Culturally conservative Federalists denounced the work as radical—too inclusive in its lexicon and even bordering on vulgar. Meanwhile Webster’s old foes the Republicans attacked the man, labeling him mad for such an undertaking.[43]  Scholars have long seen Webster’s 1844 dictionary to be an important resource for reading poet Emily Dickinson‘s life and work; she once commented that the “Lexicon” was her “only companion” for years.  Source: Wikipedia/ Noah Webster

Millennial’s idea of a thesaurus isn’t the same as your Great-gram-gram’s idea.  The only curse word I ever heard my mother say was “damn” and I promise the roof shook when she said it.  Not because she summoned some evil demon from its caged sarcophagus, but because my brother and I were rolling on the floor, laughing our asses off!

I remember hearing the word ‘tranny’ as a kid wondering what it meant.  Since no one was adult enough to explain it, I ran to the only source I could think of.  The dictionary.  It wasn’t there either. Curses, I say!   Isn’t the dictionary suppose to answer all my nefarious questions?!

Today we have online dictionaries like, Urban Dictionary to solve our neologistical street problems.  BUT, what if I want to use another word other than “Bitch” to describe my protagonist?  Bitch has been watered down to the point of becoming it’s own basic bitch.  As a writer, sometimes you may want to release your inner word nerd savage and read a Bitch like a Shesaurus!

Let’s look at the word Vixen and compare what other sites offer for synonyms.  Because Shesaurus focus mainly on alternatives, we’re able to provide a broader scope of related terms. – Vixen
Shesaurus defines Vixen
Urban Dictionary – Vixen
Urban Dictionary alternatives for Vixen – Vixen alternatives for Vixen

We love words!  Bad words, dirty words and nasssssty naughty words.  Why should sexy or slutty terms be given the Hester Prynne treatment for existing?  They are a part of history too!  Shakespeare is riddled with vulgarity and sexual innuendos and it’s required reading in high school.  Why should reference sites be any different?  What exactly are we learning by forcing the gingers out of the classroom?

Our world is growing and I truly believe our reference books should grow with it.  We owe history a lesson in honesty for a change.  And today, we owe society a true thesaurus that provides alternatives for even the most unflattering terms, no matter how disgusting they are.  You’re welcome!

kolaKeshia Kola is the lexicographer of this vulgar nonsense.  If you want to avoid some drunken word nerd showing up to your hardworking establishment to eat all of your hard-earned glazed donuts, please follow @keshiakola.


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This reference guide is for those who shy away from derogatory words and would like alternative versions to terms like; bitch, whore, bugfucker, crab hag, old maid, prostitute or dare I say it, fa**ot.  I personally hate that word.

The Shesaurus/ Hesaurus are the only gender-based dictionary thesauri of its kind.  We have molested various reference guides and media outlets to compile this masterpiece of mischiefness.

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