The Misadventures of a Nookie Bookie – via Imgur

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This crazy train ride reminds me of the 1999 movie Go, where you’re on a non-stop adventure from title sequence to ending credits.  I found myself wide-eyed and clutching pearls that ain’t even there.  Oh, to be a fly on that wall!  And what to make of a whining emo boyfriend and dude who doesn’t know how to make a $1 out of $0.75?!  The dudes seemed useless.  Stiletto feminist to the rescue!

Nookie bookie define Nookie bookie as:
A madam with a book full of naughty tricks. Hankering for some nookie? Call a bookie!

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Covent Garden Abbess, Crack-detail-woman, Dress Lodger, Fen, Flesh Broker, Gangsteress, Governess, Hollywood Madam, House Mother, Lady abbess, Landlady, Lena, Madam, Mama-san, Mother Damnable, Mother hollyhock, Mother Knab, Mother Midnight, Mother of the Maids, Mrs. Lukey Props, Mrs. Princum Prancum, Mrs. Warren, Nookie Bookie, Pimpette, Pimptress, Presbyteress, Procuress, Proxenetist, Skirt woman, Tenderloin madam, Victualler, Whoremistress

Zola (Aziah King) quickly takes the wheel of this sinking ship and went into survival mode.  I think I read “poor Jarrett” like 15 times.  I probably read this story five times and lowkey hope she gets a movie and book deal.