15 Words That Sparked The Worlds Greatest Ass Whoopings

Welcome to the world greatest insults!  Shesaurus.com has been commissioned to offer synonyms to use in an effort to avoid getting a neighborhood beat down. Let us know if we need to update this list!

1. Bitch

Bitch is a classic fire starter and has evolved to mean so much more!
Shesaurus.com synonyms: Ball buster, Crab hag, Cruella, Cuntasaurus Rex, Cuntipede, Evil Lynn, Harpy, Heifer, Hyper mega bitch, Muckracker, Nag, She devil, Sheathen, Shrew, THOT, Thunder cunt, Virago, Wench, Xanthippe

2. Cunt


Cunt is the new “Bitch”. It’s slightly more savage and cuts like a Japanese Katana. If you’re truly ready for a brawl, throw this term with some base in your voice! See you next Tuesday!

3. The F- word

15 Words That Sparked The Worlds Greatest Ass Whoopings

Not a user friendly type of term. Some use it to take the place of “Asshole”, but the LGBT community says, “Not on our watch!”
Shesaurus.com suggests the following synonyms: Beau Brummel, Cake Boy, Candy Ass, Canker blossom, Cicisbeo, Cockquean, Coxcomb, Daffy-down-dilly, Dandy, Ding-a-ling, Epicene, Fairy, Fruitcake, FOP, Macaroni, Namby pamby, Nancy, Ninny, Pansy, Popinjay, Sir Posthumous Hobby or Sissy.

4. N-Word

Still controversial. Still an “Oh hell NO” in the Black community.
Shesaurus.com suggests the following alternatives: Ace boon coon, Bro, Broham, Broheim, Broski, Brother, Brother from another mother, Bruh, Buddy, Champ, Chum, Compadre, Homeboy, Holmes, Homey, Homes, Homie, Pal, Partner, Partner in crime, Pimp, Player, Roll Dog, Son of a Gun, Soul Brother, Wardy, Watchdog, Whodi, Wingman or Your highness if you want to show brotherly affection.

5. Traitor/ Benedict Arnold


No one likes a traitor!
Shesaurus.com synonyms: Abaddon, Canary, Donnie Brascoe, Fink, Rat, Rat fink, Snitch, Squealer, Stool Pigeon

6. Knave

Back in the Medieval times, knave or scoundrel was today’s “Son of a bitch”. They were not the words of a proper gentlemen would spark duels in honor of the medieval code of chivalry.

Shesaurus.com synonyms: Baddy, Beast, Blaggard, Brute, Caitiff, Despot, Devil, Fiend, Miscreant, Monster, Nazi, Rapscallion, Rascal, Rogue, Savage, Scalawag, Scallywag, Scamp, Scapegrace, Scoundrel, Varlet, Villain

7. Cocksucker

This nefarious idiom brought out the best in anyone…actually, the growling beast in anyone.
Shesaurus.com offers the following alternatives: Arrogant bastard, Asshole, Bastard, Bitch, Blaggard, Bozo, Canker Blossom, Cheeseball, Clown, Creep, Dickweed, Dipshit, Dirtbag, Douche, Gutless wonder, Jackass, Jerk, Knob, Mishappen dick, Loser, Mitch, Piece of shit, Prick, Putz, Schmuck, Scumbag, Slimeball, SOB, Tool, Tosser, Wanker, Weasel, Worm

8. Coward/ Punk Bitch

No one likes a coward. And being a punk bitch got your ass beat in ANY hood.
Shesaurus.com synonyms: Admiral of the white, Buster, Casper milquetoast, Chicken, Chump, Clown, Cream puff, Cuckold, Daisy, Girlie man, Gutless Wonder, Ho Cake, Jelly Kneed, Lerrycometwang, Lily Livered, Milksop, Mitch, Moma’s boy, Mouse, Namby Pamby, Pansy, Pantywaist, Poot butt, Punk, Punk Bitch, Pussy, Rabbit Sucker, Sap, Simp, Sucker, Weak sister, Weenie, Wimp or Wuss

9. Slut

15 Words That Sparked The Worlds Greatest Ass Whoopings

Your whorish ways would definitely entitle you to slap in the face.

Shesaurus suggests: Apron around the heels, Back seat Betty, Busy body, Cab mat, Cheap trick, Dickhound, Easy ride, Flirt, Fun mouth bucket, Garden tool, Good time Jane, Heaux, Hosebag, Hussy, Jump off, Loose booty, Lot lizard, Pass around Patty, Ratchet, Sack chaser, Sausage jockey, Skankzilla, Skeeza, Sloot, Strumpet, Super freak, THOT, Toss up, Town pump, Trick, Trollop, Wench or Yo-yo knickers.

10. Son of a Bitch

Well if being a bitch is bad, being the son of one offers a first class ticket to hell.
Shesaurus suggests: Asshole, Blaggard, Bozo, Canker blossom, Cheeseball, Crookback, Douchebag, Four flusher, Jackass, Jerk off, Knob, Mitch, Scum, Shmekeleh, Slime, Snake in the grass, Spooney, Toad, Twat, Twerp, Two-time loser, Wanksta,

11. Snitch/ Dirty Rat

15 Words That Sparked The Worlds Greatest Ass Whoopings

Snitches get stitches! Tattle-tails ye be warned!
Shesaurus suggests: Abaddon, Benedict Arnold, Canary, Donnie Brascoe, Fink, Rat, Rat fink, Squealer, Stool Pigeon

12. Liar, Liar

Long, long ago in a far off galaxy, I called my granddad a liar and I swear the roof almost caved in. His eyes turned yellow, then blood red. I found the magic words that unleashed the devil on Vine Street.

14. Cheap

15 Words That Sparked The Worlds Greatest Ass Whoopings

You become the buster of the family and lose all respect of authority.
Shesaurus suggests: Brumby bull, Curmudgeon, Finale hopper, Fussbudget, Miser, Scrooge, Tight wad

15. Youngin’

No one wants to be reminded of their age. I’ve seen 40 year olds throw toddler temper tantrums. Besides anything you can do, we can do better!
Shesaurus offers: Baby Girl, Bobby soxer, Chickadee, Half pint, Jailbait, Juvenile, Kinchin cove, Lad, Lass, Newbie, Pipsqueak, Poppet, PYT, Rapscallion, Rascal, Runt, Slugger, Sport, Tadpole, Teeny bopper, Tike, Whippersnapper, Yeshiva Bucher or Youngblood.


And apparently thanks to dirty south rap artist, Killer Mike,  Uterus is now considered fighting words.  I don’t think we want to go there just yet, but thanks for listening!


#WasteHisTime2016 and the Emergence of Emotionally Unavailable Women – by Rachel Ndubuisi

A few days ago, Twitter went crazy with a new hashtag, “Waste His Time 2016“.  A few gems from this hashtag craze are:

Shesaurus isabele palxao tweet Shesaurus @gabioconner tweet

There are tons other and they can be found on Twitter by simply searching #WasteHisTime2016. The main point behind these tweets was to flip the script on your average player aka fuckboy and pay them the same treatment that they have given women.

It’s like satire, paralleling the instances in which men lead women on for extended amounts of time, getting to know her, and feigning interest while they may have only been in search of sex and/or attention.

On a surface level, this can either seem quite harsh or hilarious depending on your experiences with the opposite sex. While I read these, I found them hilarious because I was finally seeing women give men a taste of their own medicine, even if it was just a hashtag on Twitter.

There are many memes and jokes detailing the delicate gender dynamics between men and women such as:

Shesaurus blogger-image--2124899224

So, it’s interesting to see the tables are turning with women (albeit jokingly) becoming the emotionally unavailable counterpart.

Reading the Waste His Time 2016, reminded me of the latest Love and Hip Hop: New York episode. For those that don’t know, it’s a reality show on Vh1 based on the lives of about 10 New Yorkers in the music and entertainment business. One of the main stars, Cardi B meets with another of the stars, Mariahlynn and they have a discussion about their relationship with men.

Cardi B is in the GIF below.
Cardi B

They both go into their new sentiments on their relationships with men and how they’re now only dealing with men for what they have to offer rather than for a relationship. They’ve become emotionally unavailable and are using these men for their connections in the music and entertainment business, rather than relying on these men for emotional partners and relationships.

Emotional unavailability alongside, a fear/disdain for commitment have been traits often attributed to men, with women trying and wondering why they can’t get these men to be emotionally available and committed. Women have a long list of grievances when it comes to dating men, and therefore witnessing the emergence of emotionally unavailable women puts a slight smirk on my face.

I don’t see this solving anything, nor do I see it repairing the obviously damaged gender dynamics between men and women. It will, however, give insight into how we feel and in giving them a slight taste of their medicine, maybe they will understand the annoyance, and the pain in having someone that you may have been interested in, not only be uninterested in you but also waste your time simply because they can.

There has been some outrage about these tweets because  these type of women anger men, simply because they are not accustomed to women that do not need them to feel complete. Women are often trained from a very young age to be a “good wife” and to be a good companion to a man. We aren’t often taught to be independent and even when you are encouraged to be independent and be yourself, society is always there to remind you that your worth, first and foremost lies in your ability to get a male partner.

Consider the modern horror story of the lonely career woman. She spent too much time focusing on her career; making her too independent, too assertive and unable to find a man. Therefore, she is to either settle for any Tom, Dick & Harry that comes her way or deal with a life of loneliness and stigmatization.

Despite her accomplishments, she will be looked down up  simply because she is alone. They will say it serves her right because that is the price that you pay when you choose to focus on something else other than finding a man. The life of a spinster holds no value in this society.

For reasons such as these, men have grown to see themselves as  requirements to complete women and because of this mindset, they feel as though they are essential and irreplaceable parts of a woman’s life; which gives them free reign to treat women in anyway they deem fit.

In contrast, women are viewed as replaceable to be traded in or deprived of love and companionship at the slightest grievance. Men aren’t taught that they need women to complete them. They are taught to own women, as acquisitions for sex and comfort. The bachelor life is coveted, and upon marriage, it is seen as losing a prized possession.

Therefore the idea of men becoming replaceable, as women often are for them, infuriates them. The idea of sharing the same societal standards as women can prove infuriating for some and rightfully so.

They are finally being confronted by women that simply don’t need them.

Women that aren’t swayed by kind words.

Women that don’t need their attention.

Women that do not need to be completed.

That makes a lot of men very uncomfortable.

If their masculinity is rooted in their need to complete a woman, they should be very uncomfortable and afraid.

While this is simply a twitter hashtag gone viral, it would be unwise to chalk this up to mindless internet banter. The sentiments behind these tweets are real, and should be taken seriously.

Writer’s Block:  Rachel Ndubuisi

Rachel Ndubuisi

   Rachel Ndubuisi, Fashionista – The House of Ndubuisi

When I began focusing on fashion, and how I chose to express myself through my style, I have found love and confidence for my body, this vessels that miraculously carries and nurtures me. I’ve found a deep appreciation for myself outside of the sexualization and objectification that society places on it.

With fashion, I found an inner love for myself. I took pride in myself and how I dressed myself and it brought me an intense sense of happiness and accomplishment to truly like what I see when I look in the mirror.

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