Shesaurus Mission, Pledge and Goals – Say My Name, Say My Name

We will build a better   Our current platform works, but our audience deserves better.  We have a new logo!  We have blogs to share!  We have the blueprint for a more user friendly site, we just need to find a kick-ass Developer to make it happen.

Our goal is to be the go to thesaurus for creative writers, bloggers, journalists, lyricists, screenwriters, comedians, etc.  As a writer in need of a more thorough reference guide, I created what was missing from library shelves everywhere…!  A gender-based thesaurus featuring alternatives to the most provocative words today’s dictionary doesn’t have the balls to display.  We will boldly go where no other reference site has gone before!

To be mentioned by three top media sites for 2015.   “Is there anyone out there, because it’s getting harder and harder to breathe?!” – Maroon 5

To develop a dedicated community of Shesaurus users.  We will compete on the same playing field as Urbandictionary or the Freedictionary.  The climb will be slow, but we will reach 100K – 1 million users daily.

To develop an app.  C’mon, everyone has an app today!

To build a community that supports Undergrads with a major in Women’s / Gender Studies.  Our goal is to raise $4K for 4 grants, yearly.  Undergrads will be required to submit a blog or article to be featured on and in its published book.

We want to be listed as one of Huffington Post’s sites you should be wasting your time on, we love that post!  Besides, we waste my time on it everyday, so should you!

Have some multi-platinum artist mention our name in their rap.  Yes, that’s asking a lot, but hey it can happen, “Say my name, say my name!”  

To never die!  We want to go down in history like Webster and Roget’s Thesaurus.  Like now before I die.  Poor Noah Webster, died before his first dictionary was bounded.  I don’t plan on having children, so I’d like a piece of me to live on.  Forever!  For ever ever, for ever ever!?  

For Word Nerds Only

Remember how fun it was to look up naughty words in the dictionary?  Yeah, me either.  They weren’t there!  Noah Webster would have had a huge scandal on his hands if he related the word Macaroni to being a gay man in addition to being al dente noodles.

The only reference book that ever made me laugh is, Jonathan Green’s, Cassell’s Dictionary of Slang.  Urban Dictionary has nothing on this gem.  I racked up $80 in library late fees trying to read through it!    I never understood how dictionaries could paint such a colorful character with no color.  Take  Lothario for instance.  One of my favorite man whore terms (out of a million favorite coquettish terms).

Lothario: “A man who behaves selfishly and irresponsibly in his sexual relationships with women.” – Compliments of Oxford Dictionaries  He’s a fucking slut!   A cocksman, whoremonger, an apron chaser, inspector chicken or a lecher is what he is.  But dictionaries or thesauri won’t go there.   We’re adults.  We can handle the truth.   I started the Shesaurus project to offer alternatives to the naughty words the dictionaries leave out.  We take in all those poor, orphaned offensive terms and give them a proper loving home.

We will not discriminate against any word, no matter how repulsive.  And believe me, we have ran into some pretty vulgar terms that should not see the light of day.  There are perhaps 50 shades of bitch, lesbian, dyke, balloon knot bandit, chippie, etc.  All offensive.  All derogatory.   Why validate such vulgarity?  Eleanor Roosevelt said it best, Remember, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.  Every kid was criticized for something, even the cute ones.  Hell, I was joned for being a little girl with a mustache!  It didn’t bother me, because I know I didn’t have one.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we made all the red heads stay in Ireland?  There would be no affections towards the gingerly.  And we like ginger!    We’re word nerds.  We owe history a lesson in honesty for a change.  And today, we owe society a true thesaurus that provides alternatives for even the most unflattering terms, no matter how disgusting it is.  You’re welcome!


 thCAR4SC65 Keshia Kola is a lexicographer for Considered 2014 hottest chubby chasers by Rolling Fatties magazine. We said considered.  Follow her @keshiakola.