How to Properly Use THOT

The land of Thots.

The land of Thots.

That. Ho. Over. There. has taken up too much space in our social hemisphere.  Personally, I like to use the term with a Brummie British accent, nose cocked in the air whilst sipping on an XO cognac.   THOT has sparked a few thot-provoking memes and semantic extensions in neologism.  My personal favorites include, Strawber-Rita Thotsicles, Fairy Thot Mother, Thotland, Just-a-thot, Prosti-thot, and Insta-thot.  And uh…bear with me, I’m having a hard time keeping up with my thots.

You give me bad thots

You give me bad thots

According to, Thots can be “found in their virtual Instagram habitat with buck lips, duck lips, fuck lips and Chuck’s dick on their lips and call it a glamorous pho-to. It’s only natural for hoes to thirst for attention…they’re hoes!”

Don’t be a victim! Protect yourself.  Put your ho waders on fellas!  Don’t fall for the thirst trap!

To understand a thot, first you must walk a mile in their 7” Lucite hooker heels.   Yes, the dreaded thot walk of shame.  Facing the cold bitter morning with encrusted drawers, dripping in guilt of Ju’ whore eau de toilette because he/she didn’t want to make you breakfast and need me time to clear their thots.


And for those wishing “THOT” would strap itself to a nuclear warhead with the state of Ohio in its coordinates,  thus killing two thots with one stone…the world would be a better place. 

Man Finally Evolves Ahead of Women


Since the dawn of time, the female species has ruled eight steps ahead on the developmental trajectory as the smarter and highly adaptable creature among the sexes. She develops, swims, walks and talks at a far earlier stage in growth than her counterpart.

Maturing three times faster, it is the She who has always had the cerebral advantage with learning to achieve and accomplish goals miles ahead of the average He. “My older brothers are so stupid, it’s embarrassing! I beat them in everything. Pick a game, any game! My brothers are like lame ass slinkies; good for nothing, but fun as hell to throw down steps!” says second grader, Simone Carver.

Dr. Friedrich Fuchs von Wilhelm, a renowned professor at the Fuchenstein Institute, has conducted years of research and study into this matter. “It is to be male, not female! That is law. I don’t understand how over the years that men have grown into such pussies! No more boys to men, it’s more like boys to punk bitches! Mother Nature will not stand for this!”

It doesn’t matter that they’re gay, they have a penis! Man then woman, that’s the way nature intended.

Evolution has introduced a new superhuman male, one who has outgrown, outsmarted and supersedes both the average male and female in various areas of expertise. This superhuman possess outstanding qualities in every facet of our growing society. In order to compete in today’s fast lane, Mother Nature continues to impress with this brand of species; the queer eye.

“It doesn’t matter that they’re gay, they have penis!  Man then woman, that’s the way nature intended. It’s about survival and maintaining the lead. If you don’t have a gay friend, family member or neighbor your general life span can and will suffer gravely. The gays have more class, are more successful, have more brass, balls and brawn than some of the gutless wonders running amok in this great country of ours,” rants Dr. Friedrich.

We all develop at various stages in growth. The total brain size for females’ peaks at 11.5 years of age and 14.5 in males, but for the superhuman gay male, his peaks at an incredible age of seven!
To support these findings, Dr. Friedrich administered several tests on 300 kiddies at the tender age of three. He noted how each differs in ideas, motivation and substance. His research has led him to astonishing discoveries. “Children are fascinating! It’s amazing what they can accomplish at such a young age,” says the good doctor. After a considerable amount of testing, screaming, biting, gum removal and a quick spot mop of vomit, Friedrich’s team was able to put together the following results:

 girls fighting  painting boy2  Jeremy
 The average 3yr female displays, with confidence, the following achievements:

  • Reading
  • Math, she definitely knows if you took something of hers.
  • Whining
  • Competitive attitude
  • Spending money
  • Able to order shoes on the computer
  • Manipulation
  • “Mines”
  • Whoring attention
  • Violence
 Average 3yr old Male: Kyle was asked to draw a star. He tried his best.

  • Making a mess
  • Destroying property and the property of others
  • Pointing
  • Finding the cookie jar
  • Using head as a weapon
  • Developing the perfect root beer belly
  • Dog poo vs chocolate
  • Still struggles with coloring books, but is making fast improvements.
Average 3 yr old Gay Male: Jeremy built and designed this himself.

  • Cooking
  • Tailoring
  • Fashion
  • Dancing/ Choreography
  • Media Relations
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Art of War
  • Event Coordination
  • Shaving/ Waxing
  • Fitness
  • Investments
  • Interior Design
  • Architecture