How to Use This Site

This reference guide is for those who shy away from derogatory words and would like alternative versions to terms like; bitch, whore, bugfucker, crab hag, old maid, prostitute or dare I say it, fa**ot.  I personally hate that word.

The Shesaurus/ Hesaurus are the only gender-based dictionary thesauri of its kind.  We have molested various reference guides and media outlets to compile this masterpiece of mischiefness.

There are three main tabs on the homepage:  ShesaurusHesaurus Add Words

To search Male related terms, click on the Hesaurus tab.
To search Female related terms, click on the Shesaurus tab.
Generally the main page was designed to search all idioms in either database, but our database administrator clearly has an alcohol problem!  If you happen to search for a term that’s NOT  in our database, you will receive the following error:
         The word you searched does not exist!
If you want to add this word to our dictionary then just visit Add New Word

The word probably is in our database hiding under the vodka along with our research team, but for the sake of porn,  Click on Add New Word, enter the word and we’ll look it up for you!
*Fields are required entries.  If you don’t know the definition, enter “don’t know” or “look it up for me asshole!”
*Pseudonyms are at your creative leisure.  Because most of the writers here are notorious stoners, we’ve elected to knight them nobility, not as Dukes, Earls or Lords but as:  Stoner Dan & Stoner Kola.  *Select the type of dictionary (Shesaurus/Hesaurus) the word belongs in, *check the terms & conditions box and click add my word!


For a list of recently viewed terms, check out the box on the right side of the screen:
You can either click or hover over the term for the definition.  We recommend clicking on words, because it provides clickable synonyms or related terms that you can also use:

We are constantly researching and updating new terms to make this a powerful resource guide for all!  If you would like to provide feedback on the Shesaurus site please contact our administrator, Keshia Kola,

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