15 Words That Sparked The Worlds Greatest Ass Whoopings

Welcome to the world greatest insults!  Shesaurus.com has been commissioned to offer synonyms to use in an effort to avoid getting a neighborhood beat down. Let us know if we need to update this list!

1. Bitch

Bitch is a classic fire starter and has evolved to mean so much more!
Shesaurus.com synonyms: Ball buster, Crab hag, Cruella, Cuntasaurus Rex, Cuntipede, Evil Lynn, Harpy, Heifer, Hyper mega bitch, Muckracker, Nag, She devil, Sheathen, Shrew, THOT, Thunder cunt, Virago, Wench, Xanthippe

2. Cunt


Cunt is the new “Bitch”. It’s slightly more savage and cuts like a Japanese Katana. If you’re truly ready for a brawl, throw this term with some base in your voice! See you next Tuesday!

3. The F- word

15 Words That Sparked The Worlds Greatest Ass Whoopings

Not a user friendly type of term. Some use it to take the place of “Asshole”, but the LGBT community says, “Not on our watch!”
Shesaurus.com suggests the following synonyms: Beau Brummel, Cake Boy, Candy Ass, Canker blossom, Cicisbeo, Cockquean, Coxcomb, Daffy-down-dilly, Dandy, Ding-a-ling, Epicene, Fairy, Fruitcake, FOP, Macaroni, Namby pamby, Nancy, Ninny, Pansy, Popinjay, Sir Posthumous Hobby or Sissy.

4. N-Word

Still controversial. Still an “Oh hell NO” in the Black community.
Shesaurus.com suggests the following alternatives: Ace boon coon, Bro, Broham, Broheim, Broski, Brother, Brother from another mother, Bruh, Buddy, Champ, Chum, Compadre, Homeboy, Holmes, Homey, Homes, Homie, Pal, Partner, Partner in crime, Pimp, Player, Roll Dog, Son of a Gun, Soul Brother, Wardy, Watchdog, Whodi, Wingman or Your highness if you want to show brotherly affection.

5. Traitor/ Benedict Arnold


No one likes a traitor!
Shesaurus.com synonyms: Abaddon, Canary, Donnie Brascoe, Fink, Rat, Rat fink, Snitch, Squealer, Stool Pigeon

6. Knave

Back in the Medieval times, knave or scoundrel was today’s “Son of a bitch”. They were not the words of a proper gentlemen would spark duels in honor of the medieval code of chivalry.

Shesaurus.com synonyms: Baddy, Beast, Blaggard, Brute, Caitiff, Despot, Devil, Fiend, Miscreant, Monster, Nazi, Rapscallion, Rascal, Rogue, Savage, Scalawag, Scallywag, Scamp, Scapegrace, Scoundrel, Varlet, Villain

7. Cocksucker

This nefarious idiom brought out the best in anyone…actually, the growling beast in anyone.
Shesaurus.com offers the following alternatives: Arrogant bastard, Asshole, Bastard, Bitch, Blaggard, Bozo, Canker Blossom, Cheeseball, Clown, Creep, Dickweed, Dipshit, Dirtbag, Douche, Gutless wonder, Jackass, Jerk, Knob, Mishappen dick, Loser, Mitch, Piece of shit, Prick, Putz, Schmuck, Scumbag, Slimeball, SOB, Tool, Tosser, Wanker, Weasel, Worm

8. Coward/ Punk Bitch

No one likes a coward. And being a punk bitch got your ass beat in ANY hood.
Shesaurus.com synonyms: Admiral of the white, Buster, Casper milquetoast, Chicken, Chump, Clown, Cream puff, Cuckold, Daisy, Girlie man, Gutless Wonder, Ho Cake, Jelly Kneed, Lerrycometwang, Lily Livered, Milksop, Mitch, Moma’s boy, Mouse, Namby Pamby, Pansy, Pantywaist, Poot butt, Punk, Punk Bitch, Pussy, Rabbit Sucker, Sap, Simp, Sucker, Weak sister, Weenie, Wimp or Wuss

9. Slut

15 Words That Sparked The Worlds Greatest Ass Whoopings

Your whorish ways would definitely entitle you to slap in the face.

Shesaurus suggests: Apron around the heels, Back seat Betty, Busy body, Cab mat, Cheap trick, Dickhound, Easy ride, Flirt, Fun mouth bucket, Garden tool, Good time Jane, Heaux, Hosebag, Hussy, Jump off, Loose booty, Lot lizard, Pass around Patty, Ratchet, Sack chaser, Sausage jockey, Skankzilla, Skeeza, Sloot, Strumpet, Super freak, THOT, Toss up, Town pump, Trick, Trollop, Wench or Yo-yo knickers.

10. Son of a Bitch

Well if being a bitch is bad, being the son of one offers a first class ticket to hell.
Shesaurus suggests: Asshole, Blaggard, Bozo, Canker blossom, Cheeseball, Crookback, Douchebag, Four flusher, Jackass, Jerk off, Knob, Mitch, Scum, Shmekeleh, Slime, Snake in the grass, Spooney, Toad, Twat, Twerp, Two-time loser, Wanksta,

11. Snitch/ Dirty Rat

15 Words That Sparked The Worlds Greatest Ass Whoopings

Snitches get stitches! Tattle-tails ye be warned!
Shesaurus suggests: Abaddon, Benedict Arnold, Canary, Donnie Brascoe, Fink, Rat, Rat fink, Squealer, Stool Pigeon

12. Liar, Liar

Long, long ago in a far off galaxy, I called my granddad a liar and I swear the roof almost caved in. His eyes turned yellow, then blood red. I found the magic words that unleashed the devil on Vine Street.

14. Cheap

15 Words That Sparked The Worlds Greatest Ass Whoopings

You become the buster of the family and lose all respect of authority.
Shesaurus suggests: Brumby bull, Curmudgeon, Finale hopper, Fussbudget, Miser, Scrooge, Tight wad

15. Youngin’

No one wants to be reminded of their age. I’ve seen 40 year olds throw toddler temper tantrums. Besides anything you can do, we can do better!
Shesaurus offers: Baby Girl, Bobby soxer, Chickadee, Half pint, Jailbait, Juvenile, Kinchin cove, Lad, Lass, Newbie, Pipsqueak, Poppet, PYT, Rapscallion, Rascal, Runt, Slugger, Sport, Tadpole, Teeny bopper, Tike, Whippersnapper, Yeshiva Bucher or Youngblood.


And apparently thanks to dirty south rap artist, Killer Mike,  Uterus is now considered fighting words.  I don’t think we want to go there just yet, but thanks for listening!


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