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A strong-armed man built like an ox, but acts like an ass. Such a man may be a heavy weight prize fighter, a wrestler or a mover of pianos.

Alligator, Animal, Ape, Bear, Beef Cake, Beefaroni, Bodyguard, Bouncer, Built like a Brick shit house, Bully back, Captain Grand, Cock Diesel, Curly Wolf, Dee Bo, Hulk, Lubber, Macho man, Mandingo, Manly, Mannish, Meat head, Studmuffin, Swinging, Tiger


Featuring: Goofydood. Twitter: @goofydood
That's Mr. Jackass to you! For generations, Summer's Eve has offered a bevy of aromatic douche cleansers for women with itchy-not-so-fresh problems, however these cleansers no matter how potent couldn't shake the jerk off a dude's taint any more than it could cleanse a nasty trick's va-ja-ja.

Asshole, Bastard, Bitch, Bozo, Canker Blossom, Cheeseball, Clown, Cocksucker, Cold hearted snake, Creep, Crookback, Cunt, Dick, Dickhead, Dickweed, Dipshit, Dirtbag, Douche, DoucheBag, Four Flusher, Gutless Wonder, Jackass, Jerk, Jerk Off, Knave, Mishappen Dick, Mitch, Momzer, Prick, Putz, Schmuck, Scrote, Scumbag, Shem, Shmekeleh, Slime, Slimeball, Slimebucket, Snake, Snakein grass, Son of a Bitch, Spooney, Ten-cent Man, Toad, Tool, Twat, Twerp, Weasel, Worm


Hulu's Harlots. Madams: Margaret Wells & Lydia Quigley
The den mother of a brothel.
2.) This is also a respectful term of address to a woman.
3.) A female pimp or procuress.

1.), Abadesa, Abbess, Alcahueta, Ass middlewoman, Bawd, Case-keeper, Covent Garden Abbess, Crack-detail-woman, Dress Lodger, Fen, Flesh Broker, Gangstress, Governess, Hollywood Madam, House Mother, Lady abbess, Landlady, Lena, Madam, Mama-san, Mother Damnable, Mother hollyhock, Mother Knab, Mother Midnight, Mother of the Maids, Mrs. Lukey Props, Mrs. Princum Prancum, Mrs. Warren, Nookie Bookie, Pimpette, Pimptress, Presbyteress, Procuress, Proxenetist, Skirt woman, Tenderloin madam, Victualler, Whoremistress,
, Action piece, Ankle, Apron, Article, Aurat, Band, Barossa, Bart, Beaver, Belle, Biddy, Bim, Bird, Bit of muslin, Blone, Blouse, Bloss, Bok, Bona, Bonnet, Briddy, Briffen, Broad, Beour, Bure, Canary, Cassava, Cat, Chai, Chy, Charlie Wheeler, Chase, Cheena, Chica, Chick, Chip, Chook, Clue, Colleen, Contessa, Cow, Cunt, Dama, Dame, Damosella, Damsel, Dash, Deadener, Dress goods, Dodsey, Doe, Feline, Female, Fink, Fish, Fluff, Frail, Frau, Gal, Girl, Girlie, Girly, Goddess, Goose, Gooseberry Pudding, Gul, Gill, Gully, Gurl, Gusset, Hairpin, Heifer, Heifer-dust, Hen, Hopola, Husbonde, Jane, Jane Doe, Judy, Jug, Klootchman, Lady, Lass, Lassie, Laundry, Lemon Curd, Mama, Mamacita, Maness, Manto, Mare, Meowle, Mink, Minikin, Miss, Mouse, Mumps, Petticoat, Piece of Calico, Pigsy, Pintails, Placket, Poon, Pussy, Quail, Quean, Rib, Sage Hen, Schmiel, Schmielage, Senorita, Shakester, Shickster, Sheila, Siren, Skirt, Slim, Smock, Squaw, Susie Q, Sweetheart, Tarleather, Toots, Tot, Totty, Tuna fish, Twist, Uptails, Wahine, Woman, Wool



Shesaurus Mahukane
Pictured: Kaleo Ramos
(Hawaii) – A wahine aka female who identifies as a kāne (kane/ male), mentally and physically.

Aikane, Aravani, Aruvani, Eunuch, Fa'afafine, FTM, Hijra, Hegira, Hejira, Jagappa, Kathoey, Khwaja Saraa, Kothi, Lady boy, Mahu, Mahu wahine, Mister woman, Muxe, Nirwaan, Raerae, Sadhin, Third gender, Tranny, Trans man, Transgendered, Transvestite, Waria, Whakawahine

Garcon manque


Shesaurus Garcon manqué
My Little Tomboy | by LittleGreyCoconut
Garçon manqué. Literally translated as, "failed boy". Skip all that girly-girl frilly lacy junk, this tomboy doesn't want it.

Boonch, Danny, Demi Mode, Dudette, Gal-boy, Gamine, Garconne, Geezer Bird, Gynander, Hoyden, Muskobanja, Romp, Stammel, Tomboy

Harajuku Girl

Popularized by the sexy pop diva, Gwen Stefani. She's a Japanese girl with wicked, trend setting style and fashion.

Bra Burner, Beetle, Bellibone, Chi Chi, Chill, Cosmo Girl, Cosmopolitan, Cosmopolite, Dilsy, Fashionista, Fly Girl, Glamazon, Glamour Girl, Nice Joint, Proper Bit of Frock, Style Star, Stylista, Trendsetter


Chris Hemsworth via GIPHY

A sexy person you want to cuddle up and nibble on all night long. A sexy Hotness that makes you want to lick your lips.

Basket of oranges
, Bootylicious, Brickhouse, Eatin’ stuff, Enchantress, Feek, Femme fatale, Fine Thing, Flavor, Flirt, Fox, Foxy lady, Frail eel, Furburger, Gash, Ginch, Hard Case, Hard Shot, Hot Thing, Hot Cup of Tea, Hot Mama, Hot Sex on a Platter, Hot Tamale, Hot Tottie, Hoult, Mata Hari, Minx, P.H.A.T., Phatty Girl, Pussycat, Sexy Sadie, Seductress, Siren, Snuggy, Stallion, Stiletto feminist, Stone fox, Table grade, Temptress, Thoroughbred, Totty, Twist, Vivrant thing, Vixen, Winner, Zaftig, Zoftig, #1 Stunner, Amazon, Around the way girl, Aurfael, B-girl, Babe, Babealicious, Babe-a-lonian, Badass, Bad mamma jamma, BAPS, Battleship, Beauty, Beauty Queen, Beef, Belt, Bene mort, Best built, Bit of crackling, Black stallion, Bombshell, Bonzarina, Box, Brahma, Brick house, Cake, Chancy, Charmer, Chicken dinner, Classis chassis, Chromaz, Cold blooded, Cookie, Corker, Cottontail, Criss-ting, Crumpet, Cutie, Cutie pie, Deadner, Dimbermort, Dime, Dime piece, Dish, Doll, Drop dead gorgeous, Eye candy, Feek, Firmota, Fit, Fitness, Flah, Flower, Fox, Foxy, Gauzer, Gawzer, Gobbleprick, Goddess, Good eating, Good sort, Hairy bit, Honies, Hot mama, Hot patootie, Hot stuff, Hotcha, Hottie, Hoult, Houri, Karena, Knock out, Lasher, Looker, Mamacita, Mami, Mazehette, Mercedes, Minx, Naturalista, Nifty woman, No beyond jammer, Penn'orth o' Treacle, Perfect 10, PHAT, Phatty girl, Pot of bliss, Puma, PYT, Real Raspberry Jam, Rose, Rum blower, Rum doxy, Rum dell, Ruquita de Aquella, Shana maidel, Sexy Sadie, Slim, Snuggy, Stallion, Stunner, Tender, Tender roni, Top totty, Totty, Vixen, Winner, Zaftig, Zoftig,
, Baldwin, Beau hunk, Beefaroni, Beefcake, Belvedere, Big dog of the Tanyard, Big man with brass collar, Big wig, Bohunk, Boman, Bona palome, Boss dog, Boss hog , Buf, Cat's meow, Clydesdale, D.I.L.F., Dreamboat, Gallant, Heartthrob, Homme fatal, Hunk, Knight in shining armor, Lady killer, Magic man, McDreamy, Mr. Goodbar, Pretty boy, Prince Charming, Rico Suave, Smoothy, Snack, Stud, Studmuffin, Swain, Tall drink of water, Tall, dark and handsome, White Knight, Alligator, Animal, Ape, Bear, Beef cake, Beefaroni, Bodyguard, Bouncer, Brolic, Built like a brick shit house, Bully back, Bulvan, Burly, Captain Grand, Cock diesel, Curly wolf, Dee Bo, Hulk, Lubber, Macho man, Mandingo, Meat head, Paul Bunyan, Studmuffin, Swinging, Swoll, Tiger, catty man, cool cutters, logger, lumbersexual, Paul Bunyan, river hog, river pig, river rat, shanty boy, timber cutter, woodcutter, woodhick

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