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Peg Puff

She is way too hot for prudish attire. Although she's older, she still knows how to keep it young and fresh.
2.) A young chickadee with the style and poise of an older woman. She's very mature for her young age.

Mutton Dressed as a Lamb, No Date, Phizgig


RHOA - Phaedra Parks
It's all about the cheddar, cha-ching, dollar-dollar bills y'all! The new slang for money honey. "Oh I see he's come into some coins"!

Allowance, Almighty dollar, Argent, Assets, ATM, Ballin', Bank, Banknotes, Bankroll, Benjamins, Benjies, Big bucks no whammies, Bills, bitcoins, Bob, bones, Boodle, Bread, Bread n' butter, Brass, brinks, Bucks, bullets, Cabbage, cache, Cake, capital, case notes, Cash, Cash flow, Change, cha-ching, Cheddar, Cheese, Check, chicamin, Chips, Chump change, Clams, coconuts, Coins, Coinage, corn, Cream, Currency, Dead presidents, Dibs, Dinero, Dividends, Dollars, Donation, Dosh, Dough, Ducats, Duckets, Ends, federals, feria, feta, Finances, Fins, folding green, Folding stuff, frogs, Frogskins, fromage, Funds, Euro, Geld, goods, gouda, graft, gravy, grease, Green, Green paper, Greenbacks, grubstake, guineas, haul, heap, High stakes, hoard, holdings, Honk, ice, Ice cream, Jack, jangle, jingle, Kale, King's randsom, kitty, Knots, lana, Large, Legal tender, Lettuce, lift, Lolly, loochie, Loot, Lucre, Mazoo, Mazoola, Mazuma, Meal ticket, Mean grean, Means, Megabucks, milk, mintage, Moola, Moolah, Money, monkey, motsa, Nest, nest egg, Notes, nuts, oscar, Paise, pap, Paper, Para, payola, Peanuts, Pelf, Penize, Pesos, Pittance, Pockets, Promissory note, Readies, receipts, resources, Quid, rhinos, rivets, rocks, Rolls, Rubies, salt, Scratch, Scrilla, Scrip, Shares, Shekels, Sheqel, Shilling, shrapnel, silver, Simoleons, skins, Smackeroos, Smackers, Spare change, specie, Spondulicks, Spondulix, Stacks, stake, Stash, stockpile, stocks, store, sugar, Swag, sweetener, take, Tax, Tender, tip, tribute, trove, velvet, victuals, Wad, wallet, Wampam, Wonga, Yards, yellowbacks, yield

Flatty Patty

Eric Schwartz - Flat Booty Girl Anthem
The infamous muse for flapjacks and ironing boards EVERYWHERE! On one hand this ass-less creature is a fashion designer's dream and on another, Sir Mix-a-lot's nightmare! His anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun.

Flat Buns, Flatty Patty, Noassatall, Flaca, Miss Six o' clock, Olive Oyl, Skinny Minnie,


Hesaurus Page
In the medieval times of mountainous castles, trebuchets and mighty crusades, you'd find this young male servant delivering letters in secret, tending to the needs of a nobleman or learning a trade as an apprentice. He will do this until he is ripe to become a possible squire or knight.
2.) A newbie knight.
3.) African Page refers to young Black boys decorated in fancy costumes to serve the elite. They were also referred to as "decorative pages".

African page, Batboy, Bellhop, Boot boy, Busboy, Butler, Catch Fart, Decorative page, Eunuch, Footman, Hallboy, Hall boy, Lackey, Laquais, Manservant, Minstrel, Peasant footboy, Potboy, Sari, Varlet, Waiter, Yeoman


Japanese, LGBT

One Piece: Newkama Emporio Ivankov
1.) A man of queer love. The Japanese translation is, cauldron.
2.) A drag queen. We're not just talking about inhabitants of the Kamabakka Kingdom, but the beauties that grace many womanless weddings in the name of beauty!
3.) An effeminate man.

Crossdresser, Drag queen, Hijra, Kathoey, Male to female, MTF, Otokonoko
See also: Baccha
, Bacha bazi, Bacha bereesh, Aikane, Aravani, Aruvani, Cross dresser, Eunuch, Fa'afafine, Hijra, Hegira, Hejira, Jagappa, Kathoey, Khwaja Saraa, Kothi, Lady boy, Mahu, Mahu wahine, Mister woman, Muxe, Nirwaan, Oyama, Raerae, Sadhin, Shemale, Third gender, Tranny, Transgender, Transvestite, Waria, Whakawahine, Womanless wedding

Chicken Head

Hip Hop

Shesaurus Chickenhead
1.) A dirty, scandalous broad with no ambitions in life. The hood is her stomping ground.
2.) A girl with a loose caboose who loves giving fellatio.
3.) An empty-headed, irresponsible girl.

Bitch Booby, Blouse/ Bloss, Blowzer, Hood Rat, Ragga-muffin, Hoochie Mama, Blouzabella

Covent Garden Nun


Morning in Covent Garden by Spooner, 18th Century. Depicts Prostitutes meeting with clients outside Tom and Moll King's Coffee House
Between the 16th and 18th century, Covent Garden set the stage as London's region for the trade of sex and flesh. It was dubbed the "great square of Venus". Men combed the streets of Drury Lane in search of these delicate garden flowers with their "lists" in tow. The lists (The Covent Garden Magazine or Amorous Repository) was a guide that detailed the appearance, sexual skills, and fees of around 80 prostitutes, reviewing them as one would a movie or a restaurant for the benefit of the rakes, libertines and lechers of everyday London.

44, Abandons, Academician, Afkop, Alley bat, Ammunition Wife, Anthanasian Wench, Ardatu, B-Girl, Bag swinger, Bang Tail, Bank Side Lady, Bar-hog, Barrack Hack, Bat, Battery Girl, Bawd, Bed Faggot, Bed Presser, Belfa, Belly Piece, Belt, Belter, Bird of the Game, Black Maria, Blasted Brimstone, Blow, Blue foot, Blue gown, Bobtail, Bona Roba, Brass, Brasser, Brown Bessie, Brum, Burlap Sister, Calico Queen, Callet, Camp follower, Carhop, Champagne Trick, Changa, Chauvering Moll, Chip , Chippie, City Road African, Commodity, Cookie, Covent Garden Nun, Crow, Cyprian, Daggle-tail, Dasher, Dead Meat, Dell, Dicky Bird, Dime Store Hooker, Doe, Drab, Dress for sale, Drury lane vestal, Edie, Enthusiastic amateur, Evening Star, Fallen Woman, Fancy Girl, Fandango Girl, Fishmongers's Daughter, Flagger, Flash mollisher, Flatbacker, Fleet street dove, Flesh peddler, Fling Dust, Fling Stink, Flirtina Copall, Forty-four (44), Fulham virgin, Game Woman, Gamester, Garrison Hack, Gay Lady, Gentoo, Jentoe, Girl about Town, Gixie, Glueneck, Gluepot, Goatmilker, Gong Girl, Gook, Grue , Grunter, Gypsies, Hackney, Hackster, Hat, Haymarket Ware, Hedge-creeper, Hen of the Game, Highway Hooker, Hilding, Hip Peddler, Hiver, Ho, Hoe, Hobby Horse, Honky tonk woman, Hooker, Hoowah, Hop-picker, Hopping Wife, Horizontal Worker, Horse, Hurry Whore, Hustler, Jack-whore, Jack's Delight, Jagabat, Jamette, Jitney Girl, Joy Girl, Jude, Kat, Kate, Kedeshah, Kelsey, Kewpie, Kid Leather, Kiddleywink, Kite, Laced Mutton, Lady Laker, Lady of the Lake, Land Carrack, Lechery Layer, Leg Worker, Light O' Love, Lola the street ho, Long Island Lolita, Lot Lizard, Maid Marian, Market Dame, Mauks, Mawkes, Maux, Mermaid, Merry-arsed Christian, Moonlighter, Ms. Laycock, Naai, Naughty Dickey Bird, Notch Broad, Needle Woman, Nestlecock, Nestcock, Night Crawler, Night Poacher, Night Shade, Nighthawk, Nightingale, Noctress, Nocturne, Noffka, Nafka, Notch Woman, Nymph of Darkness, Nymph of the Pave, Nymphs du Prairie, Owl, Painted Cat, Painted woman, Palliasse, Panel, Paphian, Patridge, Pavement Princess, Phrynne, Piccadilly Daisy, Picker-up, Pickethatch Vestal, Pink panties, Pintle Merchant, Pintle Monger, Piper’s wife, Polecat, Presenterer, Pretty Woman, Pro, Prost, Prostitute, Quaedam, Quail, Quean, Quicumque vult, Quicunque vult, Quiet Mouse, Rabbit Pie, Ragtime Girl, Rantipole, Rantipoll, Raw Meat, Receiver General, Rory, Rory O' Moore, Rump/ Rumper, Scab, scarlet woman, Scate, Scolopendra, Seven Dials Raker, Shake, Slommack, Sporting lady, St. John's Wood Vestal, Stale, Streggay, Subject, Tart, Tenderloin madam, Tom, Trick, Trull, Whetstone park deer, Woman of ill fame, Working woman, Zonah



A godmother or matron of honor.
2.) In the nautical world, she would be the matron who christens the ship with the ceremonial champagne bottle over the bow.

Godmother, Matron of Honor

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