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Drunk Uncle

That crazy motherfucker you hide from because you know he's going to dust off the family's closeted, dirty secrets and DJs each embarrassing record of incest in front of your newly acquired significant other. After his long night of savagery he naps off the thunderbird with his trifling muddy shoes on your new sofa. This PSA is brought you by New Zealand's finest "Druncle" anti drinking ad.

Admiral of the Narrow Seas, Beerskin, Beerslilnger, Bevvy omee , Booze artist, Borracho, Bottle boy, Brew hound, Brewer's horse, Brother where are you, Common sewer, Drunk Uncle, Druncle, Drunkard, Hiphound, Hobo, Jugger, Juice Head, Lapper, Loady, Lushington, Mt. Lushmore, Ongetrunken, Otis, Plonko, Saloon bar cowboy, Shuffler, Souse, Sozzler, Spooney, Squiff, Stew, Tank, Tanker, Tote, Wino


1.) In the LGBT Drag community, you must use your Creativity, Uniqueness, Nerve & Talent to win the crown. And this, ladies and gents, is how you take back a negative word and make it your own!
2.) He is considered a coward for not "manning up" when then going get's rough. The worst thing you can call a man, but hey if it walks like a duck.
3.) A conniving evil man, with the heart of a bitch. A son of a bitch. This is the male version of cunt!

2.) Aardvark, Acres, Admiral of the white, Big Girl's Blouse, Bish, Bitch, Blouse, Bottler, Buster, Caitiff, Casper milquetoast, Chicken, Chicken shit, Chump, Clown, Cock-tail, Coward, Craven, Crayfish, Cream Puff, Cuckold, Daisy, Girlie man, Girly-man, Gull-a-Bull, Gutless Wonder, Ho Cake, Jelly kneed, Lerrycometwang, Lily Livered, Macaroni Nigga, Maroon, Milk-livered Man, Milksop, Mitch, Moma's boy, Mouse, Mush-head, Namby Pamby, Neebish, Pansy, Pantywaist, Poot butt, Punk, Punk Bitch, Pussy, Rabbit Sucker, Sap, Schmendrick, Simp, Spoops, Spoosy, Sucker, Wanker, Weak sister, Weenus, Weeny, Weenie, Wet Noodle, Whimpster, White Liver, Wimp, Wuss, Yellow Belly
See also:
3.) Arrogant bastard
, Asshole, Bastard, Ben kalba, Bitch, Blaggard, Bozo, Cabron, Canker Blossom, Chatichat chara, Cheeseball, Clown, Cocksucker, Cold hearted snake, Creep, Crookback, Cunt, Dandy prat, Dick, Dickhead, Dickweed, Dipshit, Dirtbag, Douche, Douchebag, Four Flusher, Gutless Wonder, Hampton, Hatichat hara, Hoser, Jackass, Jerk, Jerk Off, Knave, Knob, Mishappen Dick, Loser, Mitch, Momzer, P.O.S., Piece of shit, Prick, Putz, Schmuck, Scrote, Scumbag, Shem, Shmekeleh, Slime, Slimeball, Slimebucket, Snake, Snake in grass, Son of a Bitch, Spooney, Stool, Ten-cent Man, Toad, Tool, Tosser, Twat, Twerp, Two-time loser, Wanker, Wanksta, Weasel, Worm, Zero
See also: Bitch
, Captain Save a Ho, Captain Cash, Casper Milquetoast, Chump, Coiny Cove, Cuck, Cuckold, Cunt Struck, Daddy Warbucks, Henpecked, Joe Sausage, Meal ticket, Mitch, Nobby Clark, Pantywaist, Peasant footboy, Poot butt, Punk bitch, Pussy-whipped, Rabbit Sucker, Sap, Simp, Sucker, Sugar Daddy, The Whimpster, Trained Monkey, Whimpster, Wimp, Wittol, Yeoman, Yes man


The Dowager Violet Crawley of Downton Abbey
She holds the title or deed of property from her deceased husband.
2.) An elderly woman.

Beldame, Caillach, Cailleach, Carlin, Crone, Delonammon, Dillo Namo, Dotard, Dowager, Elderly Jam, Golden Girl, Grand dame, Grandma, Granny, Harpy, Old Betty, Old lady, Old maid, Prune Juice

Ten o' clock girl

UK (1930s-50s)

Long after the street lights awake to shine their moonlit rhapsody over the streets of London. She practices her Drury Lane pullover strut that gets the Johns brewing and cooing.

44, Abandons, Academician, Afkop, Alley bat, Ammunition Wife, Anthanasian Wench, Ardatu, B-Girl, Bag swinger, Bang Tail, Bank Side Lady, Bar-hog, Barrack Hack, Bat, Battery Girl, Bawd, Bed Faggot, Bed Presser, Belfa, Belly Piece, Belt, Belter, Bird of the Game, Black Maria, Blasted Brimstone, Blow, Blue foot, Blue gown, Bobtail, Bona Roba, Brass, Brasser, Brown Bessie, Brum, Burlap Sister, Calico Queen, Callet, Camp follower, Carhop, Champagne Trick, Changa, Chauvering Moll, Chip , Chippie, City Road African, Comfort girl, Comfort woman, Commodity, Cookie, Covent Garden Nun, Crow, Cyprian, Daggle-tail, Dasher, Dead Meat, Dell, Dicky Bird, Dime Store Hooker, Doe, Drab, Dress for sale, Drury lane vestal, Edie, Enthusiastic amateur, Evening Star, Fallen Woman, Fancy Girl, Fandango Girl, Fishmongers's Daughter, Flagger, Flash mollisher, Flatbacker, Fleet street dove, Flesh peddler, Fling Dust, Fling Stink, Flirtina Copall, Forty-four (44), Fulham virgin, Game Woman, Gamester, Garrison Hack, Gay Lady, Gentoo, Jentoe, Girl about Town, Gixie, Glueneck, Gluepot, Goatmilker, Gong Girl, Gook, Grue , Grunter, Gypsies, Hackney, Hackster, Hat, Haymarket Ware, Hedge-creeper, Hen of the Game, Highway Hooker, Hilding, Hip Peddler, Hiver, Ho, Hoe, Hobby Horse, Honky tonk woman, Hooker, Hoowah, Hop-picker, Hopping Wife, Horizontal Worker, Horse, Hurry Whore, Hustler, Jack-whore, Jack's Delight, Jagabat, Jamette, Jitney Girl, Joy Girl, Jude, Kat, Kate, Kedeshah, Kelsey, Kewpie, Kid Leather, Kiddleywink, Kite, Laced Mutton, Lady Laker, Lady of the Lake, Land Carrack, Lechery Layer, Leg Worker, Light O' Love, Lola the street ho, Long Island Lolita, Lot Lizard, Maid Marian, Market Dame, Mauks, Mawkes, Maux, Mermaid, Merry-arsed Christian, Moonlighter, Ms. Laycock, Naai, Naughty Dickey Bird, Notch Broad, Needle Woman, Nestlecock, Nestcock, Night Crawler, Night Poacher, Night Shade, Nighthawk, Nightingale, Noctress, Nocturne, Noffka, Nafka, Notch Woman, Nymph of Darkness, Nymph of the Pave, Nymphs du Prairie, Owl, Painted Cat, Painted woman, Palliasse, Panel, Paphian, Patridge, Pavement Princess, Phrynne, Piccadilly Daisy, Picker-up, Pickethatch Vestal, Pink panties, Pintle Merchant, Pintle Monger, Piper’s wife, Polecat, Presenterer, Pretty Woman, Pro, Prost, Prostitute, Quaedam, Quail, Quean, Quicumque vult, Quicunque vult, Quiet Mouse, Rabbit Pie, Ragtime Girl, Rantipole, Rantipoll, Raw Meat, Receiver General, Rory, Rory O' Moore, Rump/ Rumper, Scab, scarlet woman, Scate, Scolopendra, Seven Dials Raker, Shake, Slommack, Sporting lady, St. John's Wood Vestal, Stale, Streggay, Subject, Tart, Tenderloin madam, Tom, Trick, Trull, Whetstone parek deer, Woman of ill fame, Working woman, Zonah



Shesaurus Garçonne
Properly spelled, Garçonne. She sports a short boyish hair cut coupled with a boyish figure.

Boonch, Danny, Demi Mode, Dudette, Gal-boy, Gamine, Garcon manque, Geezer Bird, Gynander, Hoyden, Muskobanja, Romp, Stammel, Tomboy

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