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Flatty Patty

Mefits - Flatty Patty
The infamous muse for flapjacks and ironing boards EVERYWHERE! On one hand this ass-less creature is a fashion designers dream and on another, Sir Mix-a-lot's nightmare! His anaconda don't want none.

Flat Buns, Flatty Patty, Noassatall, Flaca, Miss Six o' clock, Olive Oyl, Skinny Minnie,

Bull dyke


"I never understood why a bull dyke was supposed to be an insult"
The masculine sensation who hankers for the love of a sweet lady lass. Artwork by Kivitasku

Amy John, Baby butch, Biffa, Bodaggle, Boi, Boonch, Boon-dagger, Bootch, Bull, Bull bitch, Bull dagger, Bull dyke, Bumper, Butch, Butz, Collar & tie, Daddy, Derrick, Diesel dyke, Enforcer, Hard daddy, He-she, Horsewoman, King, Lady dude, Mahukane, Mantee, Ocker, Sadhin, Stone femme, Stud & lady, Studfish, Top Sergeant


Wilma Flintstone of the Flintsontes.
A female who is not very bright and very co-dependent. Based on the loving character Wilma Flintstone of The Flintstones.

Bim, Bimbo, Binkie, Bit of fluff, Cooney, Dimbo, Ding bat, Ditz, Dumb Dora, Flake, Floozy, Fluffhead, Heather, Mr. F., M.R.F., Schlubette, Twinkie, Whorediot

Play uncle

1.) A family friend or father figure who helps you out from time to time. He's like a mentor or benefactor.
2.) What you call your Trick, when you don't want the cops to arrest you for prostituting or hooking.

John, Tom, Trick, Uncle
See also: Benefactor
, Big shot, Boops, Brinks, Candy man, Captain Kirk, Captain save a ho, Captain cash, Coiny cove, Daddy Warbucks, Flahoolick, Hot shot, Joe sausage, Meal ticket, Mr. Big, Nobby clark, Nouveau douche, Sugar daddy

Born again virgin

She practices abstinence or hasn't had sex in forever. She wants to purify her soul from the freak-demons dancing in her head like pillowy clouds of candescent sheep when its time to go night-night. Whether for religious reasons or just 'cause, some have gone so far as to have a surgery called, hymenorrhapy or hymenoplasty, where your hymen is revirginized or restored back it's original factory settings.

Liar (just kidding), article of virtue, avowed virgin, canned goods, damsel in distress, hymenally-challenged, nun,

Itty bitty titty committee

Film: The Hot Chick
They are a class of women known for having smaller sized breasts

Pirate's dream



Popularized by former California Governator and addressed to lazy Presidential cadidates who If they don't have the guts, you are considered a girlie man. Now get back to the table and finish the budget!

Aardvark, Acres, Admiral of the white, Big Girl's Blouse, Bish, Bitch, Blouse, Bottler, Buster, Caitiff, Casper milquetoast, Chicken, Chicken shit, Chump, Clown, Cock-tail, Coward, Craven, Crayfish, Cream Puff, Cuckold, Daisy, Girlie man, Girly-man, Gull-a-Bull, Gutless Wonder, Ho Cake, Jelly kneed, Lerrycometwang, Lily Livered, Macaroni Nigga, Maroon, Milk-livered Man, Milksop, Mitch, Moma's boy, Mouse, Mush-head, Namby Pamby, Neebish, Pansy, Pantywaist, Poot butt, Punk, Punk Bitch, Pussy, Rabbit Sucker, Sap, Schmendrick, Simp, Spoops, Spoosy, Sucker, Wanker, Weak sister, Weenus, Weeny, Weenie, Wet Noodle, Whimpster, White Liver, Wimp, Wuss, Yellow Belly
See also: Bitch
, Captain Save a Ho, Captain Cash, Casper Milquetoast, Chump, Coiny Cove, Cuck, Cuckold, Cunt Struck, Daddy Warbucks, Henpecked, Joe Sausage, Meal ticket, Mitch, Nobby Clark, Pantywaist, Peasant footboy, Poot butt, Punk bitch, Pussy-whipped, Rabbit Sucker, Sap, Simp, Sucker, Sugar Daddy, The Whimpster, Trained Monkey, Whimpster, Wimp, Wittol, Yeoman, Yes man
See aslo: Beau Brummel
, Bucko, Cake Boy, Candy Ass, Canker blossom, Chichi, Cicisbeo, Cockquean, Cockscomb, Coxcomb, Cream puff, Daffy-down-dilly, Dandy, Ding-a-ling, Epicene, Fag, Fairy, Fashion-monger, Femi-man, Fribble, Fruity, Fop, Girly-man, Hoorah Henry, Light in the loafers, Macaroni, Mary, Metrosexual, Milksop, Miss Nancy, Molly, Moma's boy, Namby pamby, Nancy, Ninny, Nobby Clark, Pansy, Popinjay, Pseudanor, Sharped dressed man, Sir Posthumous Hobby, Sissy, Snipper-snapper, Soft, Toff, XX

Curly Wolf

Hesaurus Curly Wolf
A tough guy or dangerous man. This goes back to the days of Gunsmoke, hayseeds, John Waynes and wild west saloons. Back when curly wolves were "reckoned with" instead of shot at by some punk with mommy and daddy issues.

Bandolero, Beef Head, Bobtail Guard, Bronco Buster, Buckaroo, Bull Nurse, Chopper, Cowboy, Cowhand, Cowpusher, Curly Wolf, Frontiersman, Jackeroo, Line Riders, Lone Star, Outriders, Ranny, Saddle Stiff/ Slicker, Saddle Tramp, Saddle Warmer, Sagebrush Men, Stockman, Waddy

Hay Shaker

Hesaurus Hay shaker

A farmer. Who wouldn't mind a little hay shaking? Not to be confused with the term "rolling in the hay" which of course is way more appealing than a farmer.

Apple-knocker, Bama, Barnyard savage, Cockie, Country Johnny, Hay maker, Hayseed, Plow Chaser, Sodbuster, Yeoman, Yokel

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