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Shesaurus Khaleesi

According to the Dothraki tongue, she is the Queen and wife to a Khal. Based on GRRM's Khaleesi -Game of Thrones.

Ayaba, Chieftess, Cwene, Empress, Huanghou, Josei tenno, Malekeh, Malikah, Melike, Omo'ba, Rana, Rani, Quean, Queen, Wangbi, Yeowang

Choosey Susie

From the 1973 film, The Mack, where China Doll choses another pimp.
A prostitute who bounces or switches pimps, usually without paying the customary pimp "moving" tax.

44, Abandons, Academician, Afkop, Alley bat, Ammunition Wife, Anthanasian Wench, Ardatu, B-Girl, Bag swinger, Bang Tail, Bank Side Lady, Bar-hog, Barrack Hack, Bat, Battery Girl, Bawd, Bed Faggot, Bed Presser, Belfa, Belly Piece, Belt, Belter, Bird of the Game, Black Maria, Blasted Brimstone, Blow, Blue foot, Blue gown, Bobtail, Bona Roba, Brass, Brasser, Brown Bessie, Brum, Burlap Sister, Calico Queen, Callet, Camp follower, Carhop, Champagne Trick, Changa, Chauvering Moll, Chip , Chippie, City Road African, Comfort girl, Comfort woman, Commodity, Cookie, Covent Garden Nun, Crow, Cyprian, Daggle-tail, Dasher, Dead Meat, Dell, Dicky Bird, Dime Store Hooker, Doe, Drab, Dress for sale, Drury lane vestal, Edie, Enthusiastic amateur, Evening Star, Fallen Woman, Fancy Girl, Fandango Girl, Fishmongers's Daughter, Flagger, Flash mollisher, Flatbacker, Fleet street dove, Flesh peddler, Fling Dust, Fling Stink, Flirtina Copall, Forty-four (44), Fulham virgin, Game Woman, Gamester, Garrison Hack, Gay Lady, Gentoo, Jentoe, Girl about Town, Gixie, Glueneck, Gluepot, Goatmilker, Gong Girl, Gook, Grue , Grunter, Gypsies, Hackney, Hackster, Hat, Haymarket Ware, Hedge-creeper, Hen of the Game, Highway Hooker, Hilding, Hip Peddler, Hiver, Ho, Hoe, Hobby Horse, Honky tonk woman, Hooker, Hoowah, Hop-picker, Hopping Wife, Horizontal Worker, Horse, Hurry Whore, Hustler, Jack-whore, Jack's Delight, Jagabat, Jamette, Jitney Girl, Joy Girl, Jude, Kat, Kate, Kedeshah, Kelsey, Kewpie, Kid Leather, Kiddleywink, Kite, Laced Mutton, Lady Laker, Lady of the Lake, Land Carrack, Lechery Layer, Leg Worker, Light O' Love, Lola the street ho, Long Island Lolita, Lot Lizard, Maid Marian, Market Dame, Mauks, Mawkes, Maux, Mermaid, Merry-arsed Christian, Moonlighter, Ms. Laycock, Naai, Naughty Dickey Bird, Notch Broad, Needle Woman, Nestlecock, Nestcock, Night Crawler, Night Poacher, Night Shade, Nighthawk, Nightingale, Noctress, Nocturne, Noffka, Nafka, Notch Woman, Nymph of Darkness, Nymph of the Pave, Nymphs du Prairie, Owl, Painted Cat, Painted woman, Palliasse, Panel, Paphian, Patridge, Pavement Princess, Phrynne, Piccadilly Daisy, Picker-up, Pickethatch Vestal, Pink panties, Pintle Merchant, Pintle Monger, Piper’s wife, Polecat, Presenterer, Pretty Woman, Pro, Prost, Prostitute, Quaedam, Quail, Quean, Quicumque vult, Quicunque vult, Quiet Mouse, Rabbit Pie, Ragtime Girl, Rantipole, Rantipoll, Raw Meat, Receiver General, Rory, Rory O' Moore, Rump/ Rumper, Scab, scarlet woman, Scate, Scolopendra, Seven Dials Raker, Shake, Slommack, Sporting lady, St. John's Wood Vestal, Stale, Streggay, Subject, Tart, Tenderloin madam, Tom, Trick, Trull, Whetstone parek deer, Woman of ill fame, Working woman, Zonah

Stank hoe


You know the face you make when something is down right rancid or putrid? Her presents gives you bitter beer face. She's trifling, nasty and has zero class or chill. She is uncultured and uncouth.

Astor's pet horse, Bartholomew Doll, Bungo Bessy, Chavette, Chicken head, Chonga, Dirty Puzzle, Dishclout, Easty, Gangsta boo, Ghetto fab, Ghetto Girl, Guidette, Guidhoe, Hialeah Ho, Hoochie Mama, Hood rat, Hot Mess, Project Ho, Quashiba, Ragga-muffin, Ratchet, Ronyon, Sharon & Tracy, Stank bitch, Stank hoe, T.H.O.T., Trailer trash

Mary Banger


Shesaurus Mary Banger

Not the hot-legged whore who's banging anything with a cock. This extremely plain and dowdy woman is so boring, she makes rustic carrots and ribbed cucumbers look exciting. (Yummmm, I was thinking the same thing, but don't go there)

Antidote, Dowdy, Dusty Bread, Mary Hick, Plain Jane, Prude, Straightedge. Also related: Bag, Beastie, Biffer, Bitch Booby, Bloss, Blouse, Blouzabella, Blouzalinda, Blowser, Cavewoman, Charge, Chicken head, Clart, Dirty Puzzle, Dishclout, Drab bag, Drag, Frump, Ghetto Girl, Gin-bottle, Groddess, Hatherin, Hoochie mama, Hood Rat, Houthern, Kitchen Malkin/ Malkin, Moggie/ Moggy, Mopsy, Moxie, Muck-suckle, Ragga muffin, Roach, Rubacrock/ Rubbacrock, Slattern, Slommack, Trailer Park Patti

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